10 Popular Tokyo Sightseeing Spots for Foreign Tourists

10 Popular Tokyo Sightseeing Spots for Foreign Tourists

Here, as a popular sightseeing spot in Tokyo for foreign tourists

  1. Sensoji Temple
  2. Tokyo Station
  3. Ryogoku Kokugikan
  4. Imperial Palace
  5. Ueno Park
  6. Akihabara
  7. Shibuya station square scramble crossing
  8. Tokyo Tower & Tokyo Sky Tree
  9. Next to the candy
  10. Oedo Onsen

Now introducing the ten spots.

Sensoji Temple

The first spot is Sensoji Temple, where you can fully enjoy the culture of Edo townspeople and the atmosphere of downtown.

Sensoji Temple is extremely popular with foreign tourists as a tourist spot where you can feel the good old Edo culture. The entrance to Kaminarimon is also famous as a photo spot. At Nakamise Shopping Street, you can get souvenirs unique to Japan.

Tokyo Station 

The second spot is Tokyo Station, the gateway to Tokyo, which has been renewed and has become more attractive.

Tokyo Station was completely renewed in 2012 and is gaining popularity as a tourist spot. In the renewal, we dare to reproduce the appearance at the time of construction faithfully. By making full use of traditional construction methods and the latest technology, we have achieved a high degree of perfection as a building.

If you want to have a leisurely tour, we recommend the “Tokyo Station Gallery” located in the North Dome. The Tokyo Station Hotel, which is directly connected to Tokyo Station, is designated as a national important cultural property, and accommodation is possible.

Ryogoku Kokugikan

The third spot is the Ryogoku Kokugikan, where you can enjoy traditional Japanese national sports live.

Ryogoku Kokugikan is widely known for the performance in sumo wrestling. It can accommodate more than 10,000 people and holds various sports and concerts in addition to sumo.

The atmosphere makes you feel the tradition is popular with foreign tourists, and souvenirs and bento boxes that can only be bought here are selling well.

The Imperial Palace

The fourth spot is the “Imperial Palace,” a symbol of Tokyo with its vast greenery.

The grounds of the Imperial Palace are full of greenery and gardens, and you can see beautiful architecture such as stone bridges and turrets while walking.

Suppose you make a reservation for the “Imperial Palace Visit” in advance. In that case, you can stroll around the valuable area while listening to the guide’s explanation, and you can purchase souvenirs limited to the Imperial Palace.

Ueno Park

The fifth spot is “Ueno Park,” where you can enjoy museums and zoos.

Not only a spacious park

  • National Museum of Western Art
  • National Science Museum
  • Ueno Zoo

You can enjoy it widely.

The zoo pandas are wildly popular with foreign tourists. In consideration of inbound tourists, the zoo’s map is multilingual.


The sixth spot is Akihabara, the birthplace of the world-class anime culture.

Japanese anime and idols have gained many fans worldwide, and many foreign tourists have a longing for Akihabara.

  • Game center
  • Anime, idol goods shop
  • Maid Cafe

Many foreigners enjoy such things, and the pop cityscape itself is famous.

Shibuya Ekimae Scramble Crossing

The seventh spot is the “Shibuya Ekimae Scramble Crossing,” which attracts attention due to the introduction of overseas media.

Shibuya’s scrambled intersection is said to be the “largest intersection in the world,” with 500,000 people passing by a day. When overseas media reported the situation, it became a tourist spot.

It seems surprising to Japanese people who walk in the crowd without hitting them, and at the scrambled intersection, we see many foreigners taking pictures and videos.

Tokyo Tower & Tokyo Sky Tree

The eighth spot is “Tokyo Tower & Tokyo Sky Tree,” which offers a panoramic view of Tokyo.

The “Tokyo Tower,” which was once a symbol of Tokyo, and the newly built “Tokyo Sky Tree” are popular tourist attractions.

Not only can you take a commemorative photo of the cityscape of Tokyo, but guided tours and the hospitality of the staff are also popular reasons.


The ninth spot is “Ameyoko” where you can shop at a great price while enjoying the unique liveliness.

Ameya-Yoko is 500m wide on the bridge and under the guard, and there are about 400 shops. Various products such as food, clothing, and miscellaneous goods are sold, and there are many general shoppers and foreign tourists.

Foreign tourists are looking forward to a lively atmosphere and communication with the shop staff.

Oedo Onsen

The last spot to tell you is “Oedo Onsen” where you can fully enjoy Edo townspeople’s culture and the atmosphere of downtown.

Although it is a hot spring, Oedo Onsen has a taste like a theme park. In addition to private rooms with open-air baths and large communal baths, there are also devices reminiscent of the Edo period popular with foreign tourists.

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