12 things you should bring for camping

12 things you should bring for camping

Camping and hiking in general, are not only a perfect way to enjoy the beautiful landscapes offered by nature, but also serve to have a good time in front of a campfire, with your friends or alone, and forget A while of everyday life.

Although one of the keys among fans of “ camping ” is improvisation. It is important before spending a night under the starry sky in the forest, to have a clear plan and a list of major items that will make your adventure easier.

A good adventurer must always be prepared for any unexpected situation, especially in nature. Therefore your team must choose it carefully and try to take only the important, more if you will stay for several days.

But then what should I bring?

If you have no idea, do not afraid. Today we bring you a post of the 12 things you should take when you go camping.


For camping, as for any other type of trip. The most precious object you will have will be your backpack (luggage).

It is essential to choose a good quality backpack since you will need to keep your clothes dry (regardless of the bad weather), enough space to store important objects, and be resistant to rough ground and falls. Some newbies usually take the backpacks they used at school to load books, something that of course is not recommended when hiking and camping.

Tents for camping

Usually, tents can be easily obtained in stores and large shopping centers. You can find them at different prices and sizes, according to your needs. For example, there are tents for more than a dozen people but in your case, you may need only a small one.

Good advice before buying one is to read reviews on the internet and opinions of other hikers. That is, one may work well in desert climates but in more humid areas it is not recommended to use it.

Sleeping bag

Like the tent, a good sleeping bag is essential in your camping kit.

Why is it so important to choose it well?

To have the most energy in your adventure you need to sleep well, and what better with a sleeping bag that allows you to do it without so much discomfort.

You can find them for different climates, usually, there are ones that are warmer in the case that you go to areas where it snows or it is very cold, or in the opposite case. There are some lighter ones that even have protectors for mosquitoes (highly recommended to acquire them if you travel to the jungle or more temperate forests).

Emergency kit

It is likely that you do not get to use your first aid kit during your trip, but it is not enough to always carry it in your backpack.

This kit should contain an article, as its name says, first aid. These can be bandages, ribbons (band-aids), gauze, alcohol or cream to disinfect, some medicine for any type of ailment (analgesics), etc.

In addition to always carrying your first aid kit, it is quite advisable to know some basic first aid maneuvers. You can learn these on YouTube, in blogs and books, however, it would be best to go to a specialized course (they are frequently taught in universities and hospitals).

Several changes of clothes

When hiking and camping you may not need to wear as many clothes as you do on a normal trip, but what you are going to take you have to choose it well. For example, if you travel to the forest or somewhere where there is a river, you may need to take several pairs of socks (to avoid trench footing ). If it is a cold place, you will also need a jacket/raincoat to protect you from the weather and temperature changes.


There are many specialized camping foods that offer enough protein and carbohydrates for long walks, and you also don’t need fire and water to cook.

If you are going to bring any food that you have the pantry of your house, check if it needs cooking or not. If you want to prepare your food, remember to bring a pan and a small propane / electric stove.

Plastic bags

Of the handiest items you can find in your home, without a doubt one of them is plastic bags (the typical ones that you get when you buy something in the ‘super’).

It can be used as water containers, improvised raincoats or simply to store things. Do not hesitate to bring enough.

A lighter or matches

In the fishing stores and sporting goods, the famous flintiest sell what works to make sparks fire. Although many hikers use them to make their fires, the reality is that it is cheaper and more practical to use a lighter or common matches they sell at any self-service store.

They work just as well and are much cheaper.

Water (and water purifiers)

When you are hiking it is essential to be well hydrated. That’s why you have to carry as much water as possible in your backpack; preferably, at least 2 and a half liters per day (for each person).

In case you want to travel light and there is a river near your camp with drinking water, you can use water purification tablets to avoid getting sick. By the way, don’t forget to boil the water.

GPS and compass

Currently, GPS devices are not used as much as before, since with your phone you can have maps and satellite locations all the time. In any case, having such a device can even save your life. Do not forget.

Before traveling, check if your mobile phone has GPS because many models only work with data or triangulation of GSM antennas. Remember, in the forest, there may be no network.

If you are a more “hardcore” person and do not want to depend so much on technology, carry at least one compass and a more or less detailed map of the area. More than anything for security.


Insects, especially mosquitoes, are not only annoying but they can also take you to the hospital because they cause countless diseases.

Among the recommendations, in addition to covering the arms and legs at all times, is to use insecticide. In the pharmacy, you can get many different brands but look for a long-lasting one that is waterproof.

A knife/razor

A classic of all camping kits.

Knives can be used for a thousand and one different things. For example, to open a can, cut, dig, hunt, or even for personal defense (if your life is in danger).

By the way, do not forget to investigate first if you can carry a knife because in many places they are prohibited. The best item in these situations is to have a sports knife that anyone can carry.

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