In emergencies, you often use outdoor knives, when you are a big fan of adventures, you make crossings, or you dedicate yourself to the hunt. You use your survival knife when the rest of the equipment fails. We tell you some uses of the outdoor knife that you probably did not know.

 1. Outdoor knife for defense

You have managed to get a hunting piece, but when you approach to pick it up, the animal makes a desperate attempt to flee. With a good survival knife, you can also defend against animals. A situation for which your rifle or any other piece of your equipment will be of no use to you.

2. Work the wood with a survival knife

An outdoor knife with a smooth, wide, and robust blade is a perfect tool for carving and cutting wood. Walking through the bush or preparing await, you may need to cut a branch to make a cane or even support for the rifle.

3. Camping survival knife

If you want to enjoy nature and camp somewhere in the mountains, an outdoor knife can be very useful. Even if you bought your knife thinking about hunting, on a camping trip, you could give it certain uses that you didn’t know. Use it to cut some vegetation and clear the place where you want to put the tent. Make use of the can opener function, including bottle openers offered by many models. It will also be very practical to open and prepare to cook a fish that you have caught.

4. Make fire with your outdoor knife

Many survival knives have the end of the steel handle. This piece can be used to hit it against a stone and make sparks to make a bonfire. If the handle is hollow, put a few matches in it.

5. Your survival knife is a hammer

One of the main characteristics of outdoor knives is that they are robust. If the end of the handle is also made of steel, you can use it as a hammer. It can be very useful, for example, to nail the picks of the tent when you go camping. It is also a very good plan to use it to break hard materials or, for example, open nuts.

6. Accessory to help you on your fishing day

A survival knife can not be missed if you are going to enjoy a day of fishing. Outdoor knives are light and easy to carry on top. They are always sharp. When you go fishing, one of the problems you may have is that you need to cut a thread. Use your outdoor knife to cut a tangled or hooked thread in one of your catches.

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