75 to 86 model jeeps on Lake Saif ul Maluk Lake

75 to 86 model jeeps on Lake Saif ul Maluk Lake 

From the Pakistani Army auctioned 75 to the 1986 model jeeps, you will see Kaghan and Naran on the roads. Yes! Without these jeeps, it would be impossible to visit Lake Saif ul Maluk in Naran.

The story of these jeeps is fascinating. Where they come from, how they are prepared, and what they cost. This article is a service to know the answers to all these questions.

Above sea level

Lake Saif ul Maluk is expected to be 10,577 feet above sea level, where it is impossible to reach by vehicle. For this, there are used four-by-four jeeps, ranging from 75 models to 86 models, which cost Rs 2500 from Naran Bazar to Lake Saif ul Maluk, which is the official price.

During the gossip while traveling across the lake, the jeep driver said that the jeep comes in two to three lakh rupees, which, with additional expenditure, vehicles are lengthened, various goods are loaded, they are able to walk on this dangerous road. Made, it costs Rs 7 to 8 lakhs after which it is ready, but at the same time, the cost of the car goes up to ten to fifteen lakhs.

6,000 Jeeps

The number of jeeps in Nauran is more than 6,000, Muzaffarabad, Kashmir, Balakot, Garhi Habibullah, and most come from Chelas, but the final destination of all is Naran. These vehicles travel to Naran before the little Eid and then return to Muharram in their places. Apart from Saif ul Maluk, the same jeep is more used in the surrounding areas.

Naran Kaghan, an attractive area 119 km from Mansehra District. Where snowfalls in the winter near 10 feet. In the summer, tourists start to move because the temperature here does not reach above 20 degrees Celsius even in June-July. High mountains and vegetation visible, spacious roads, and vegetation on both sides do not show fatigue. The aroma of delicious food from various hotels in the market forces the servant to eat something.

Wherever you go in Naran, you will not see the bulls, cows and goats, etc. because of the heavy snow and cold, people do not breed cattle, on the upside, they are going to Abbottabad and other areas on winter arrival, in winter. All the shops here are covered with snow. When the shopkeepers return in the summer, they find out if the snow damaged their shops.

What is so special about Naran?

In Naran, it is enriching to get tea made from pure milk because it is difficult to bring in milk from other areas. The other point is that the people here are not willing to sell their land at any cost. Is made and decisions are made in it, etc. A decision is also made that no one will sell his property to which everyone agrees. That is why no outsider can buy a property in Naran Kaghan but lease it and start his own business. There is a lot of consensus among the people here. They love each other as well as the tourists.

What do tourists complain about the most?

Food is costly in Naran. A cup of tea costs forty, and milk leaf tea costs sixty rupees. Similarly, the price of a loaf of bread is thirty rupees, which ends in two or three noodles, while the price of different foods is also very high. If there is food in a hotel, then there is a service tax of Rs 500. There is also the main problem with parking; the locals have arranged for parking here, but they get a fee from the tourists. Naran Kaghan does not have checks and balances; the government should take care of prices and other things here and make people strictly adhere to them.

Everyone wants to leave Lake Narran to see the natural landscape and go to Lake Saif ul Maluk and Tear Lake, where the cool and cold winds eliminate all fatigue, between the tall cliffs on all four sides, is an attractive sight. In front of the lake, the snow-covered mountains that cool the eyes. There are also horsemen and gentlemen along the lake. There is also a beautiful ground in which a barrister sells tea and chips. A cup of tea costs a hundred bucks, but the tea made by Baba’s hand and the view of Lake Saif ul Malukfrom this place add to the taste of the tea. The tales tell the story of the lake; they also make two hundred rupees.

Attractive Scenes

We have the mercy of Pakistanis that such a beautiful land has been given to us. Now we must look at its beauty and not spread its filth.

From Saif ul Maluk to Lake Tear Lake, the horse has to travel by horseback, 13,927 feet above ground level, as the route is completed in six to eight hours. After traveling by horse, it has to be a twenty-minute walk because there is no horse to go beyond this place and can be challenging to get there in the dark.

From Nauran, go to Babu Sar-Top and then from Babusar-Top, which leads to Kohistan, Swat, Gilgit, and Chitral. All of these highways are interconnected, and no matter how much you travel, the beauty of it does not diminish because of the waterfall, vegetation, and roads between 

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