8 essential destinations for photography lovers

8 essential destinations for photography lovers

Any trip worth its salt deserves to be remembered through anecdotes, experiences, memories, and of course the photographs that will be part of our adventure. Photography lovers will find many reasons to travel the world in search of the most amazing, unique, and unrepeatable images.

For this, nothing better than having a good camera and eagerness to walk, discover, go up and down in search of the best perspective, the best point of light, and the most fabulous landscapes on the planet.

Discover 8 essential destinations for photography lovers.

Temples of Angkor (Cambodia)

The city ​​of Angkor Wat is one of the most incredible places in Southeast Asia to take pictures from different perspectives. And it is that a thousand years ago the great city of Angkor became one of the most important regions in the world. The fruit of that ostentatious importance today beautiful temples are preserved that reflect in their walls the passage of the centuries.

In that aspect of the temples of Angkor. It continues having that special halo that manages to transmit energy hardly describable. The passage of nature through its corners, roofs, and walls has covered it with moss creating a landscape that seems as if the stone ruins emerged from the land itself.

Ruins of Angkor

They remain one of the most visited places in the city of Cambodia and the entire world, where travelers come attracted by the majesty and mysticism of their temples, as well as the fabulous sunrises and sunsets that take place every day In this incredible corner of the planet.

The fans travelers to the world of photography will find in Angkor plenty of places from which portray the most emblematic temples, and so playing with rays of sun inputting and their output will get amazing light effects that will make every shoot a unique and unrepeatable moment.

One of the favorite places to take beautiful images of the place is the front of the Angkor Wat pond from where we can take one of the most beautiful photographs of the Angkor Wat temple reflected in the water. Another favorite place is the Pyramid of Phnom Bakheng from where it is possible to take a beautiful general snapshot of Angkor Wat over the grove.

The best time to visit the temples of Angkor is from November to January. The ticket price is 20 dollars for one day, 40 dollars for three days or 60 dollars for free access for 1 week.

The Great Wall of China)

The Great Wall of China. Everyone knows it as the largest frontier in the world. The travelers who travel to the great Asian giants brought by this colossal construction. The only one in the world perhaps that is lost on the horizon without the possibility of being able to cover it in its entirety.

One of the amazing places from which to take pictures of the Great Wall is the section known as Simatai, 140 kilometers from Beijing. The fact of being one of the fewer tourist sections of the Great Wall means that we have more chances of being able to take good pictures without any “spontaneous” nearby. From this section, we can enjoy the ascent of the wall above the mountains reaching heights of 1,000 meters above sea level.

On the other hand, there is the possibility of taking a cable car to climb to the highest part of the section from where we will get the best views of the area. From here we can start a path that will take us to visit around twelve watchtowers and enjoy amazing landscapes.

Petra (Jordan)

If there is a country in the world that is magical, attractive, and absolutely beautiful that is Jordan and especially the city of Petra. Considered one of the great wonders of the world. The city of Petra is home to centuries of history among its many walls, temples, and tombs.

Known by the name of “ the pink city ” it was once the center of important civilizations that enlarged it with lavish constructions, some of which are barely still standing. But that nevertheless continues to attract the interest of travelers who walk in the search for one day the rich and prosperous capital of the Nabateans.

Being carved in the rocks. It offers throughout the day a great diversity of shades depending on the incidence of the sun’s rays and the shadows produced by the rocky headlands. One of the favorite places to take fabulous photographs is the winding Siq Gorge, which is one of the main entrance to the city. A place where sunlight plays its whim by appearing dazzlingly or keeping the path in a mysterious gloom. And so little by little, we can take enough time to portray the appearance of all the hidden jewels in the city ​​of Petra, making immortalized memories a valuable treasure.

The first hours of the day are the favorites to take pictures without the influx of tourists who will take the city hours later. Although if there is a magical moment, it is undoubtedly the time of sunset, when the whole city becomes a bright reddish choir giving the traveler a dazzling flash of farewell.

Hebrides Islands (Scotland)

The Hebrides of Scotland is one of the best places to fully enjoy the Scottish nature marked by its lakes and valleys of a green color full of life. The Inner Hebrides Islands formed by Skye, Mull, Islay, Jura, and Staffa stand out for their particular beauty.

Considered the center of Gaelic culture remains one of the areas where traditions and customs have remained dormant for hundreds of years. But if there is something especially fabulous about the Hebrides. The connection of landscapes with white sand beaches and deep turquoise waters, archaeological sites, colored valleys of small wildflowers, as well as lakes, and dream castles is really amazing scenery.

The dawn in the Hebrides Islands is a magical moment in which the fog becomes the main protagonist as if he wanted to stay for her the incredible landscape that is under his mantle.

Quiraing Valley

One of the most amazing places to take pictures is the Quiraing Valley, in the Trotternish area, a place where we will find a wide variety of landscapes from waterfalls to water mirrors, forests, and incredible rock formations that constitute magnificent viewpoints. Another strategic point is the lighthouse of Neist Point whose views get breathless to anyone who dares to go up and down between the headlands of steep rocks and land that guard it.

With a little luck, we will even have the opportunity to enjoy the magical northern lights, one of the greatest gifts for any photography lover.

Montmartre (Paris)

To talk about Montmartre is to talk about the most bohemian and nostalgic side of Paris. A neighborhood where it is still possible to find street painters looking for the most beautiful images of the city to portray them through their canvases.

The Montmartre neighborhood offers us the opportunity to immortalize the Parisian life closely from its traditional cafés, squares, and cabarets as if we could freeze the images for a moment to extend the idealized Parisian life.

Basilica of the Sacred Heart,

Another of the charms of Montmartre is in the Basilica of the Sacred Heart. It is one of the most representative buildings in the city from which one of the best panoramic views of the French capital is obtained, being one of the best points to obtain excellent photographs especially coinciding with the fall of the afternoon.

Amboseli National Park (Kenya)

Located in the province of the Rift Valley, in Kenya, is the Amboseli National Park one of the most coveted places by adventurous travelers who will have the opportunity to live closely how is the real wildlife of all the animal species that populate This privileged place.

With the image of the great mountain of Kilimanjaro as a backdrop, Amboseli National Park is one of the indispensable jewels in the collection of photography lovers.

Occupied mostly by the Maasai people from here it is possible to see closely how is their lifestyle, as well as their traditions and customs more ancestral. Their erect bodies and their thousand-colored garments constitute a small whim for the purpose of the camera, even if you never try to take a picture without asking permission.

The animals are another attraction of the area, in which various species coexist as buffalo, hippos and their most emblematic animal, authentic lord of the Amboseli lands, the elephant.

One of the favorite points to take great photographs is the observation point Hill, a land promontory from which we will get a more general view of the landscape. Another essential of the area is the African sunset, which intoxicates the immensity of the park with its soft reddish color, leaving the arrival of the starry night, another of the gifts that the heart of Africa gives to its visitors.

Jaipur (India)

The capital of Rajasthan, Jaipur. It is one of the most exotic and attractive cities in India in which all the images that come to mind about this country come to life.

The city itself is a real mess of noise, people walking from one place to another, and cars, and vehicles of all kinds that seem to circulate in no stipulated order. However, the true charm of the city is in its streets spotted with women dressed in brightly colored saris that make up the most colorful and lively part of the city.

The Amber Fort makes up some of the most visited and photographed tourist spots in the city. But so are the small “street shows” in which the enchanted cobras emerge from the bottom of the baskets. The monkeys offer Stunts, or artisans and merchants offer their most precious items.

The authentic life of Jaipur, the authentic essence of India deserves a memory, an image, a snapshot that will take us at any time to walk again through its streets and enjoy its colors, its music, and its noisy, chaotic atmosphere … and fascinating.

Denali Preserve National Park (Alaska)

The Parque Nacional Denali Preserve is located on Route 3 freeway George Parks towards Alaska and is one of those sites where nature seems to have put every effort to make it one of the amazing corners of the planet.

Here is the highest peak in all of North America, the McKinley Mountain that has nothing more and nothing less than 6,193 meters high. Wolves, brown bears, and elk along with lynx, Dall marmot sheep. A total of 37 different species of mammals coexist in a wild natural environment freely for centuries.

One of the best areas to take fantastic photographs is the southern Denali viewpoint just on the edge of road 3 from where you get fabulous views of the snowy mountains. Another of the most symbolic places of the park is in Wonder Lake. From where we can take a magical snapshot of the McKinley peak reflected in the crystal clear waters of the lake. 

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