It is not the same to camp in a mountainous area than to camp on the beach, nor is it the same to camp in a snowy place as in a river. Each place deserves different planning. But the truth is that we need to be clear where we will go camping and then plan what we will take and even what we will do.

In this post, we will give some important tips that we should take into account when we go to a campsite near a river. We are going to concentrate specifically on the accessories that we should not forget. These accessories are:

  • First Aid Kit:

We will always defend the position that “ safety comes first ”, and although we dedicate a special section to talk about the First Aid Kit to go camping. Here we put it first when planning camping in the River because it is an essential part to ensure safety. To this we are going to add some good lifeguards, we are sure that we will need them if we will not use them in an emergency of insurance it will be fun for children to use them.

  • Basic complements:

The fact that it is a Camping on the river does not mean that we will forget the basic complements for a Camping. We talked enough about this when we refer to the Complements that can not be missing in a campsite.

  • Inflatables:

Depending on the characteristics of the river or lake where we camp, it is likely that we can take some inflatable to have some fun. If we take children with us this complement is almost mandatory. It will be very fun for them to be able to float on the water or throw themselves in the flow. We know that in all places this is not allowed and safe, but we must still make provision of inflatables and of course, the necessary tool to fill them. Otherwise, we will make good use of the air in our lungs.

  • Items for fishing:

And as we have said repeatedly, we must be aware of the characteristics of the camping site. If it is allowed, we can fish, if it is not, we must comply with the Camping recommendations. Although sometimes it is not allowed to fish not so much because of the danger or to protect some threatened species because the river or the lake does not have good fish to fish.

We start from the premise that if we are at a campsite where we can fish in the river or in the lake where we are. Well, here we expose the things that for nothing in the world we can forget.

    • Fishing rod:

Although it is true that there are at least 9 ways to fish without using a rod. It is also true that when we talk about going fishing we imagine ourselves in a relaxing sunset and fishing with a rod good fish. So an important tool that we must carry when camping near a river or a lake is the fishing rod. The brand and the model will be left to your liking.

    • Fisherman’s box:

Just as it is common for a mechanic to carry his toolbox, it is also important for a fisherman to carry his fisherman’s box. In some fishing stores, they sell it with all the necessary tools for fishing, sometimes they only sell the box and we must buy the accessories on our own. Although when we talk about the fisherman’s box is not necessarily a special box for fishing, we also refer to a common box, plastic (usually), where we will carry some fishing utensils.

Depending on where we are going to fish, this box can be large or small, made of metal or plastic. If we fish from the shore or in a boat we can afford to carry a large box. But if we are in the water, it is best to carry a small box inside a bag or backpack. Sometimes the two options are combined, and we carry a large box and leave it on the shore, and in a small pocket case, we put the provisions that we will use when we are fishing inside the river or the lake.

Let’s consider the implements that the fishing box should have:

      • Hooks of different sizes:

If we do not know what kind of fish we will find in the river or lake. It is better that we make provision to maintain a good stock of hooks of different sizes. Whether natural or artificial, we are not surprised by a big fish when we have taken bait and hooks for sardines.

      • Plumbs:

 In case we consider better fishing using the weight of lead. Perhaps it is the most ideal, according to the characteristics of the river and the fish that are there.

      • Floats:

Because they are also necessary when we think it will be better to leave the bait floating. Sometimes fish see a bait that floats more striking than one that is submerged.

      • Line:

That is the fishing line. It would not hurt to wear different thicknesses to be cautious.

      • Razor:

It will be useful when preparing bait, at the time of fishing, and even after fishing.

      • Scissors:

Also useful for preparing bait. They have the ease of being, sometimes, more useful than the razor at times where we must cut the thread quickly because the fish are biting.

      • Plastic worms:

Which are an effective type of bait for many? Generally, any species of fish look for it. Unlike other baits that are sometimes exclusive to one or another species of fish.

    • Proper clothing :

Yes. It is true that we have talked about the necessary clothing for a campsite, but as we are concentrating on the clothes for a campsite near a river or a lake. We just want to mention that it would be very useful for us to wear a waterproof jumpsuit that allows us to fish inside the river without wetting the clothes we wear. It will also be useful for a beach hat that will help us protect ourselves from the sun. It would not hurt some dark lenses to protect us from the reflection of the son in the water.

If we take these tips into account, we are sure that we will enjoy a wonderful campsite on the banks of the river. And if we think seriously, it is something we deserve, a good campsite on the river.

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