Are we going to the mountain?

Are we going to the mountain?

Summer ends but with it, the fun does not end. It is time to change the beach for the mountain and continue enjoying with all the options that the mountain can give us. Let’s take advantage that the excessive heat is gone, the nights are pleasant, and we can enjoy greater tranquility than in August. It is the opportunity to get back in shape doing mountain sports with the natural environment as a companion.

There are many activities for all tastes that we can do in the mountains, everything depends on our preferences, characteristics, physical resistance … and also how adventurous we are!

Activities we can do in the mountains


Spain has several summits that are fully attainable for a medium level, have you ever thought about climbing the Aneto? Making mountaineering we can spend a great day with our companions raising the top of a mountain or mountain.


It takes courage, security, a lot of skill, and some ability to lower the water currents in the deep ravines of the mountains through waterfalls and slippery stones. A lot of obstacles will try to avoid your step, do you dare to challenge them?


It is not just walking, unevenness, incredible landscapes, different types of routes, adventure, or walking marked trails. It is to live with nature and enjoy it fully and pleasantly.


Are you ready to climb rock walls? You will need some training and preparation, a lot of security and a hint of courage to climb the wall of a mountain, but don’t worry; there are climbs for all tastes and levels, what is yours?

Running mountaineer. 

It is not just running; it is to choose the level, mountain, route, good shoes, and … to run!

Mountain biking. 

Using a special bicycle, there are tours of mountains or mountains that include ascents, descents, and many obstacles that the bicycle must overcome. The amazing thing is that you can do it with your group of friends since there are special routes for groups. A great activity to share moments surrounded by wildlife.


One of the best places to spend an evening with family or friends is camping in the mountains. There you can enjoy privileged views in a unique environment full of landscapes and nature. And all for you. In addition, it is a very economical plan; You just need to be properly equipped. 

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