Camping in the mountains

Camping in the mountains

Going camping in the mountains is one of the most exciting experiences. Whether we go on an excursion with our friends or plan a family outing. The mountain environment offers us a great variety of natural sites and deep contact with nature.

To camp on the mountain unlike other places, a great adventurous spirit and fascination with risks are required. We have to analyze if we have the physical conditions to adapt to such a natural environment.

👉 You go camping in the mountains »4 Important Tips

The mountains are difficult terrain and usually far from any civilization. Before going camping in the mountains. Keep these four tips in mind:

  1. Learn to make rudimentary campfires in your camping, in mountain environments you can hardly take a portable kitchen since the weight counts a lot so that the trip can be more comfortable.
  2. The food preferably canned and easily prepared, or that you are also willing to consume what nature, fruits, or hunting and fishing offers you.
  3. Learn to use the compass, in case you get lost on the road, you can reorient yourself to where the main camp is.
  4. In addition to your cell phone, try to bring Walkie Talkie radios, so members can be communicated as they have better signal coverage.

Keeping in mind these tips and details for your camping in the mountains, what remains is to fully enjoy, photographing everything around, especially through the practice of extreme sports or short expeditions and fences where you go camping in the mountains.

✔️ What should you keep in mind when you go camping in the mountains?

To camp on the mountain, it is necessary to have a clear perspective on what awaits us, in this way, we not only prepare ourselves psychologically but also establish with great precision what are the necessary equipment and implements to carry out the camping.

  • Keep in mind that in the mountains the winds are strong and as you are at much higher points, the force of the wind will be more powerful, therefore, the type of tent or tent you are going to use must be made of high resistance fabric.
  • Before leaving, you must first decide where the tent will be located, it is worth asking: Will we camp at the foot of the mountain or at an intermediate point or at the top of the mountain? The answer to that question will generate different plans.
  • It is possible that the place chosen is the habitat of wild animal species, you should inform yourself if it is a forest reserve, if non-domesticated animals inhabit, among other details.
  • Generally, in some areas of the mountains it is possible that there is no telephone coverage or it is very weak, therefore, if accompanied by vulnerable people such as children and/or elderly people, camping at the foot of the mountain is most advisable.
  • In the mountainous areas, there are few explored roads, the most ideal is to be accompanied by someone who knows the place fully.
  • If you have little experience of camping in mountainous areas. I recommend that you choose a place that is not very dense and distant from the cliffs.
  • Take into account the season of the year in which you decide to camp in the mountains, the type of weather will be decisive to choose the types of equipment, whether you go in summer or winter season.

⚡ What should you take to camp on the mountain?

The list of items and implements that are required for camping in a mountain environment is usually quite basic, they are usually excursions to explore the place and go hiking, therefore comfort is not sought but a sense of survival.

🚩 Keep this in mind …

To camp on a mountain, of course, we will have to make some ascents and usually, these are done on foot, that is why our equipment and implements have to be the most necessary and generate the least possible weight.

# 1 Camping backpack

There are several types of camping backpack, however, we must clarify that it is not some kind of bag to store things, but a backpack specially designed for camping.

In the camping backpack, we should at least have the toilet utensils, the first aid kit, multipurpose knife, the change of clothes for one or two days, the sleeping tent, the sleeping bag, canteen, insulator, quilt, lighters and insect repellent.

# 2 Tent 

As for the tent for camping, you should choose a suitable one for the place, since it is on the mountain, you should know that you will have to move it on a slope, so it has to be light and at the same time resistant, preferably foldable and low height to concentrate more heat.

# 3 sleeping bag

Always choose a sleeping bag that is warm enough, so you can retain the layer of hot air that we generate through our own body and that is filled with feathers.

# 4 Hiking stick

To get to the mountains where we are going to camp, keep in mind that we will travel difficult roads uphill. It is advisable to buy a hiking stick to support you during the walk.

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