Camping safety measures

Camping safety measures

Camping is a great experience and a different way to disconnect for a few days from the city and get closer to nature. And it is precisely for being in a less controlled environment that it is necessary to be preventive and know the basic safety measures for camping. 

Steps to follow:


In many countries, there are specially prepared camping sites that offer a lot of services. But in some countries, the facilities are not sufficient enough, so it is very important to be preventive


Install the store on as flat ground as possible and never on surfaces that could collapse like trees, mangroves, etc. It is also very important that your store is prudently away from the sea or the riverbank



Take the wind into account when you are installing the tent if it is an area where there is too much breeze you will have to lift your camp against the wind to protect yourself from it and avoid dragging the tent


Do not make bonfires, and you will avoid accidents, that simple. It is much better to carry a portable gas cooker than to light a fire because it could get out of control or be turned off and cause a fire


If you want to make a campfire at least try to be away from the stores because a spark could be the beginning of a fire, again the recommendation is to avoid them


Always carry a first aid kit with the essentials, as well as a mobile phone with a charged battery, a compass, a GPS and a map of the area where you find the nearest signposted towns


Stay in a group and avoid exploring alone if you do not know the area where you are going to camp. If you do remember to bring guidance methods that allow you to return safely to the campsite


Always carry enough non-perishable food as canned as well as plenty of water to stay properly hydrated. It is also convenient to check the weather forecast for the days you plan to camp


Do not camp in forbidden places because you could have an unpleasant experience. The areas established for camping have minimal supervision of the authorities and are theoretically safe spaces. So it is best to respect the rules and limit yourself to these areas


Never leave the city to camp without telling a family member or friend how to prevent it. Inform where you are going, at what point you plan to camp, and when you plan to return.

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