The importance of developing sustainable tourism is growing. Today, we not only seek to enjoy each spot fully but also respect it and contribute to its preservation.

The world of cruises also joins these initiatives, which is why they have been developing, over time, different approaches in favor of keeping nature secure. The environmental commitment of the big ships is now a fact, and in SoloCruceros, we tell you the details of some companies that stand out for their socio-environmental responsibility.

The environmental commitment of different shipping companies

Beyond compliance with the new laws, in environmental matters. Shipping companies seek to create true experiences of environmental care. Therefore, to promote respect for the sea, biodiversity, coasts, and communities, special attention is also paid to education.

Norwegian Cruise Line

With the Sail & Sustain environmental program. The NCL shipping company promotes the development of a culture of awareness and respect. This is how it offers different experiences that mix fun and learning at each station visited.

Among its main initiatives are the water conservation and management program. Whereby all wastewater produced onboard is treated; waste mitigation. A plan to recycle and reuse generated waste, and the fuel and power-saving system, based on practices that mitigate actions that are dangerous for the environment.

MSC Cruises

MSC Cruises is one of the shipping companies that has made the most advanced in its fleet of ships, with the interest of promoting more respectful tourism. Among the different developments, we can highlight two technological advances that are added in its newest ship, MSC Grandiosa, which are: The selective catalytic reduction system (SCR) and the wastewater treatment system (AWT).

Through these technologies and others found in the rest of the ships. The shipping company plans to reduce nitrogen oxide, purify wastewater, clean exhaust gases, remove sulfur oxide, stop oil discharges in the machinery space, and improve power efficiency — true development in favor of the environment.

Costa Cruises

The Costa Cruceros Environmental Plan includes different actions aimed at protecting biodiversity, reducing water use, and treating waste. Some of them are the training courses as part of the Environmental Compliance Plan. The uses of special silicones, LED technology, and lower speed, to boost efficiency, the reduction in energy use. The recovery of materials and packaging used on board, and the efficient use of water through evaporation and reverse osmosis production.

Cruises are already implementing important technological advances and actions that promote sustainable travel. This has a positive impact that translates not only to tourism at sea but also to experiences on board.

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