Everything you need on an adventure or outdoor trip

Everything you need on an adventure or outdoor trip

Adventure or outdoor trips are increasingly popular because there are people who, despite being on vacation, prefer to stay active. Here the main thing is to discover (or rediscover) a place from another point of view and activate the adrenaline to make the experience unforgettable. Of course, a fundamental element for those days will be to have a good backpack. Depending on where one goes, what will be allocated, and the time of the trip, one or the other will be chosen. In any case, a wide selection of models can be found online, in mountain shops where you can also find everything essential for the trip. In this article, I list everything you need on an adventure or outdoor trip.

  • GPS, compasses, and maps.

 Having the technology is very good, but it may be that it fails just at the time when it is most needed so, beyond GPS, it is convenient to use more basic but equally useful tools, such as a compass and maps of the area. Before starting the adventure, it is best to take a look in case there has been any change in recent years (something that can happen on certain routes). The more up-to-date the information available, the better.

  • Tents. 

You have to think of this as an investment because if you opt for a mid-high-end tent, you can use it many more times, and even in inclement weather (because this can happen), you can have a site protected wherever you are. Before making any purchase in this regard you have to take into account a couple of basic aspects such as its assembly (they are not usually very complex, but if you travel alone it is better to opt for those that are thus designed) and the number of people who will have what to house. There is a huge variety to pick from; you just have to take some time to see which one is the most appropriate in each case.

  •  Sleeping bags. 

The ideal complement for the previous point. Also, in this, there is a wide variety to choose from. We talk about rectangular sacks, sheets sacks … And of course, there are different types of materials, such as polyester or down, depending on the temperatures to which one will be exposed.

  • Camping kitchens.

    An adventure trip, you never know where you can take your intrepid travelers. It is for this reason that it does not hurt to get a stove. In case you need to be away from civilization for a longer time. In this way, the adventure can continue without problems.

  • Footwear. 

Footwear is essential so that the crossing does not become harder than it will already be. It is highly recommended to try on that new shoe before the trip itself and give it some of it so that it does not cause any chafing afterward. Of course, what kind of footwear is needed: winter, water, sports, trekking, mountaineering …

  • Clothes. 

The fundamental thing in adventure travel is to travel with the essentials but without going over. That is, here, the ‘just in case’ have no place because they will only make them occupy and be heavy. When you think of clothing to wear, it must be as multifunctional as possible and resistant. In addition, it will not hurt to stock up with a rope and some soap to wash what is needed and let it dry in the sun.

  • Medicine Kit. 

Since it is an adventure trip, one has to know that one can be exposed to certain risks, and although without fear, it must be prevented. In this sense, a kit equipped with the essentials is always useful. Here we will include tape, scissors, bandages, alcohol … And, by the way, an anti-mosquito, which can avoid future discomfort.

  • Flashlight. 

Something so simple can be vital when night has already fallen. Although there are batteries, they are most useful that can be recharged based on movement. Of course, you have to make sure in advance that they are charged to be able to use them when necessary.

  • Water treatment pills. 

Drinking water is always essential, but one is not always close to an area where drinking water can be obtained. If this is the issue, it is better to have these tablets that purify the water and sterilize them at the same time.

  • Razor and lighter.

There are two other basic elements, but you can also take advantage of them. They barely occupy or weigh, but they do need them, surely they will be grateful to have taken them into account and put them in the backpack.

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