Five reasons to have a desalination plant on a ship

Five reasons to have a desalination plant on a ship

Man has sailed for centuries on seas and oceans without having a desalination plant on board. Why in recent years has become an essential element for the vast majority of navigators? Having a supply of fresh and potable water on a ship is not simply a matter of comfort or savings – but also – but above all, health.

In addition, it allows us to navigate without limitations (beyond those of the ship or our capacities) since we can choose the route without the water supply conditioning the distance we can travel autonomously. Sometimes it is even the area that conditions us if we do not have a desalination plant: On certain routes near-desert areas or where it does not rain too much we will be forced to supply ourselves with freshwater in ports, which can turn out to be small towns where the water is not especially healthy.

The benefits of having fresh water onboard are very clear. However, there are many reasons to obtain this supply with a desalination plant, instead of opting for traditional storage in tanks.

  1. It gives you autonomy. 

You do not depend on the amount of water you can store, which, however large it is always limited, or the nearby ports to provide you, which can also have to wait for lines or supply restrictions. Thus, you can choose the route with more freedom.

2. You save space and weight. 

A desalination plant occupies less space than the tanks and the amount of bottled water we need for certain routes and weighs less than the set of tanks plus stored water. Small boats are usually the ones that benefit most from having more available space.

3. It is more profitable.

 With energy recovery systems such as Eco-Systems, you don’t need to invest in a generator (in general, more expensive). In addition, since the maintenance they require is minimal, you immediately amortize the investment and start to have an unlimited and almost free supply of freshwater.

4. You gain in comfort. 

When the supply is for storage, the amount of water is usually calculated to cover the basic vital needs. However, with a desalination plant on board, you gain comfort since you don’t have to calculate the water expense. You will not have to give up a long shower of freshwater after a swim in the sea …

5. Safer and healthier navigation. 

In general, having an unlimited supply of freshwater makes us drink more, which is essential at sea. On the other hand, the desalination plant provides you with safe and potable water in areas where the water quality is poor, without exposing you to diseases or indispositions.

In summary, the fact of having a desalination plant onboard a ship allows us to navigate with more autonomy, safety, and comfort. And since there is currently a wide range of models of different sizes and prices, any ship, from small lengths to large vessels, can have a desalination plant that suits its supply needs.

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