Fun in the desert for the family

Fun in the desert for the family

Exotic and amazing, the desert is one of the most popular sceneries among Dubai visitors. Impressive golden sands and exciting adventures await you a short drive from the city center. Most experiences offer a shuttle service to and from the hotel. So it is an attraction worth adding to your trip.

Conquer the dunes in an SUV

Off-road rides, often described as the desert roller coaster, are a way of touring the desert in the purest adventurous style. To start the fun, you only need an SUV, an experienced driver, and a few giant dunes. It can be a little scary to descend on the SUV on the side of a dune at full speed or see yourself at 90 degrees on a particularly steep peak. But you will be in safe hands with the fantastic drivers, so enjoy it.

Arabian adventures offer a popular safari with dinner in the dunes, a very practical way to experience everything the desert offers. The tour begins with a fun walk through the dunes at sunset. Then, you will arrive at the Bedouin-style camp where you can enjoy a sumptuous buffet of Arabic food comfortably sitting on traditional carpets and pillows. The evening is accompanied by lively live entertainment. However, the best part is when the lights of the camp go out. And the adventurers have the opportunity to contemplate the stars and the stillness of the desert at night.

 The dromedaries of Dubai

Many of the best experiences in the Dubai desert offer a short camel ride. To enjoy a longer ride, you will have to book a specific tour. The Platinum Heritage camel desert safari is unforgettable. After a short ride to the Dubai Desert Conservation Reserve, get on your dromedary (with a single hump) for a sunset excursion along with a kind of trail along which you can see flora and fauna of the desert, like the Arabic gazelles and prices, which abound in the reserve.

If you have strong emotions, go to Al Marmoom. Here, in the middle of the desert sand, you will find lively camel races held on the Al Marmoom race track. From the stands, you can cheer on the contestants in this throbbing sport that has been an integral part of Emirati life for centuries. Witness a race of 60 camels at the same time equipped with robot riders by a remote control that runs the sand track at full speed.

Stay to sleep

To truly immerse yourself in the desert of Dubai, spend the night among the dunes. Most offers include a desert banquet and the opportunity to spend the night in a luxurious camp amidst the majestic dunes. The Platinum Heritage night stay safari, which includes camping inside a traditional Arab stone dwelling with a mattress, pillows, and sleeping bags, is a good option. And do not miss the sunrise in the desert before tasting the delicious breakfast consisting of fresh coffee, smoked salmon, caviar, fruit trays, and more.

Many organizers will ensure that you look closely at the majestic hawks. The UAE’s national bird, who masterfully master their experienced tamers. Platinum HeritageIt offers a series of authentic experiences in the desert, such as the highly recommended conservation route, which will allow you to get to know the natural life of the desert, including prices and Arab gazelles. A recent addition to its range of tours is the Al Marmoom Bedouin experience that offers the opportunity to merge in person with the Bedouin people and learn about their culture.

Adventure sports in the sand

Although a walk in the desert is a great activity, there are so many other adventures to experience, such as surfing the dunes on board (very popular among families with young children in particular), which will allow you to glide along the sandy slopes. Besides families with teenagers 18 or older can book a quad driving experience. A sport is full of adrenaline that might take your breath away while you choose the dunes in your own roaring four-wheeled vehicle.

For an unrepeatable experience, book a hot air balloon ride over the rolling dunes at dawn with Balloon Adventures. You will arrive early in the morning to the take-off zone before the balloons are inflated and elevated 1.2 km high. During the flight, you will also see the hawks fly over the desert with elegance as the sun rises in the distance over the impressive Al Hajar mountains.

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