Heart-shaped Lake, the most romantic landscape in Pakistan

Heart-shaped Lake, the most romantic landscape in Pakistan

Nature, besides being wise, can also be very romantic. We must take a look at the incredible shape of Lake Shimshal in Pakistan, to realize the great work that nature has done. There is nothing like the amazement of nature to leave you with your mouth open or with your heart turned upside down.

Of course, a true gift for the eyes. Do you want to know a little better this unforgettable corner of our planet? Get ready for the trip!

Near the border with China

After seeing the fascinating image of the heart-shaped Lake that tops our article, you have not been able to resist the temptation to learn more secrets of this mysterious landscape. It is a mountain lake located in the Hunza Valley, about 40 kilometers from the Shimshal village in Pakistan, which borders China.

It is a lake created by the natural accumulation of water from the glacier that flows through seasonal streams and is composed of a series of mountain lakes that flow into the main one. In other words, a spectacle of nature.

Other hearts of nature

However, it is not the only landscape on our planet that has a heart shape. Lake McKenzie in Australia, the Island in Galesnjak of Croatia, and the exotic Lake of the Amazon rainforest in Brazil are other gifts that nature makes to all human beings.

Landscapes shape of heart, which must be visited at least once in life. Starting mostly by the Lake of Shimshal in Pakistan. For us, one of the most incredible landscapes in the world, although not the only one.

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