Honeymoon in New Zealand: the perfect destination for a trip full of adventures and romanticism

Honeymoon in New Zealand: the perfect destination for a trip full of adventures and romanticism

New Zealand is a beautiful country like no other. There is something about their cities, towns, and landscapes that will make their wedding trip one of the most romantic, unique, and exclusive they will ever have.

If you have been thinking about beautiful destinations for your honeymoon for weeks and cannot make up your mind, you cannot miss this article. On this occasion we will take you to New Zealand. A country whose landscapes will steal your breath more than once and it will be difficult for you to believe that what you are living is not a dream.

 If you want to know both the north and south islands and not miss any details. It is recommended that you take approximately 14 days to do so. Ready to discover this unique country?

1. Auckland

The journey begins in Auckland, the largest city in New Zealand. It is a perfect place to carry out any activities such as wine routes, boating, enjoy delicious dishes, and enjoy unforgettable landscapes.

To start your trip the right way, you must begin to fall in love with the landscapes of this country. If you want to have, one of the best views of the city go up to the Sky Tower. If you are more intrepid you can choose to jump in bungee.

Auckland is known as the city of sailboats. Therefore they will have a great variety of boat tours through the Gulf of Hauraki where they can visit one of the nearby islands.

In the center, you will find several cafes, restaurants, and bars. If what you want is to spend a romantic moment and enjoy a delicious and elegant dinner, on the pier near Queen Street, you will find what you are looking for. Once the walkthrough this beautiful city is over, it is time to make the trip to what makes this destination an exceptional one: landscapes and nature.

2. Waitomo Caves – Hamilton 

The road trip from Auckland to the Waitomo caves is wonderful as they will cross beautiful green areas, and the long Waikato River will accompany much of the road. If you have time, stop for a while in the city of Hamilton. There are different attractions such as the zoo and the aviary. In the southern part, you will find several cafes and restaurants to spend a relaxing time.

The region of Waitomo caves is very famous in the country due to the underground wonders that exist. Once you enter, you will feel that you have transferred to another dimension. Under the surface of this place, there are caves decorated with stalactites, stalagmites, and fireflies. One of the perfect ways to get to know the cave is through a tour on foot or by boat if you are a little more adventurous dare to navigate the caves.

3. Hobbiton

If you and your colleague are lovers of the famous saga of ‘The Lord of the Rings’ get ready for one of the best visits of their lives. A few hours from Hamilton, you will find the famous set of the movie called “Hobbiton”, the fictional place that the legendary author JRR Tolkien created in his books. It is simply an amazing place. Once you are there, you will feel as if you were inside the same movie. You can’t miss this place!

4. Rotorua

If, after an hour of travel, they begin to notice an intense smell of sulfur, they have definitely reached their destination.

Rotorua is located just above the Pacific Ring of Fire. Therefore volcanic activity has always been present in the city. Let yourself be amazed by the geysers that surround the area, the hot spring lake, and boiling mud pools. It is fantastic to see people swimming in the water with a temperature of 40 C.

Another particular aspect of this place is that you can visit the Maori villages and learn more about their culture. Rotorua has an immense variety of restaurants, shops, and accommodations of any kind, which is why it is suggested that you take your time to visit this special place and get carried away by its natural essence and warmth.

5. Taupo

Taupo is a small town about an hour from Rotorua, but what makes it so unique is its beautiful location right on the banks of a beautiful lake. This lake is a massive volcano, which makes it even more unique.

There are many activities you can do to enjoy the landscape and nature, among the most famous are the Huka Falls, geothermal trails, boat trips on the lake and kayaking expeditions to observe the carved rock carvings of Minas Bay. It is a small place, but it will certainly have a romantic and relaxing touch you are looking for on your honeymoon.

6. Wellington

The capital of New Zealand, unlike other places, is very dynamic. It is full of life! If you choose to immerse yourself in history or enjoy its great variety of restaurants, Wellington will leave you satisfied, and you will realize that it is a capital with a lot of styles.

The city center is designed to travel on foot, take advantage and visit one of its many galleries, museums, shops, and cafes. If what you are searching for is to know a little more about its history, one of the museums that cannot be missed is the Te Papa; you will see that it is a grand tour. What makes this city so accessible is the fact that most of its attractions are in the same place. Therefore you can travel in a short time but at the same time enjoy it to the fullest.

At night, take advantage of some of the nightly entertainment the city offers and attend a play, live concerts, dance performances, or food shows. 

Here ends the tour of the north island of this incredible destination, but do not worry! We go now with the most beautiful places found on the south island, characterized by having the most charming and incredible landscapes.

7. Franz Josef Glacier – Fox Glacier

The Fox and Franz glaciers are considered relics of the last ice age. Arrive in the town of Franz Josef and start the tour of the iceberg. It will be a unique moment since this place does not compare to any other.

After a short drive south, you will reach the Fox glacier. This place, like the Franz glacier, is adapted so that you can take excursions and hikes through them. If you prefer, there are other means to know them as an incredible helicopter ride to have one of the top panoramic views of the glaciers.

Near the glacier is Matheson Lake, one of the most beautiful and photographed in New Zealand. If you are lucky and they have a clear day, you can see Mount Cook. It will be an unforgettable tour for both!

8. Christchurch

The city of Christchurch has an elegant and historical-style like nowhere else. If you want to start your tour of the South Island in a good way, this place cannot be missed.

Over time he has demonstrated his energetic contemporary culture with the outbreak of new developments throughout the city. Due to the earthquakes that have occurred in recent years. There are certain parts of the center, such as the Cathedral, that are still under repair. But that will not prevent you from enjoying this place to the fullest.

Christchurch is the door to a world of adventures and unforgettable landscapes, within the main tourist attractions are visits to the “International Antarctic Center” and the Orana National Park. Something characteristic here is its beautiful parks, enjoy long and relaxing walks on a warm summer afternoon. Simply romantic! If you desire to get one of the best views of the city, take a walk through Port Hills, you will not regret it.

9. Queenstown

If I had to choose one of the most impressive cities in the world, I would dare to say that Queenstown is the winner, and you are about to discover why.

From the moment you reach and see the impressive panorama of the mountains around the lake, you will realize that you have never seen such a remarkable place like this.

The city of Queenstown is characterized by its divine landscapes and extreme adventures such as Bungy jumps, rapids descent, but also for its romantic parts such as hiking, and spa treatments, etc.

One of the funniest activities is to take a bold ride through the Shotover Canyons. It is a unique experience, without a doubt, one of the most exciting boat trips of your lives. 

During the summer, the ski slopes are not enabled, but still, visitors can climb the gondola and enjoy one of the amazing views of the city. Watch the sunset from above and enjoy one of the restaurants in the ski center. It will be a super romantic moment.

If you need to have a relaxing time and enjoy a beautiful view, do not hesitate to visit the town of Wanaka. The place and the landscape of the lake between the mountains will steal your breath.

10. Milford Sound

2 hrs from Queenstown is Milford Sound, one of the most famous tourist attractions in New Zealand. You must leave Queenstown early to take an afternoon cruise, certainly an unforgettable experience. It is an essential component during your visit to Fiordland through which you can fully enjoy the wonders of this place. If you wish to go deeper into marine life, visit the Harrison Cove underwater observatory.

To eat and have a relaxing time, the village of the Milford Sound Strait is full of small hotels, restaurants, and cafes to enjoy a delicious meal.

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