How to enjoy nature

How to enjoy nature

Outdoor. Walks in valleys and mountains and camping trips are two ideal options to enjoy the mountains of the province of Cordoba. Recommendations to have fun.

Camping and hiking in the mountains are two ideal activities to do in Córdoba. Direct contact with nature in the mountains, near the river, or in a forest are experiences worth living. However, to spend a summer without harmful effects, it is necessary to be cautious and follow the advice of those who know what the risks are.

“My advice is to go out, enjoy, walk. But take precautions, if not, a simple walk can become a tragic situation, ”says Diego Concha, director of provisional Civil Defense of Córdoba.

First, Concha recommends camping in authorized places. And, in case of not doing so, follow the “total ban on camping on the banks of the rivers”, to avoid sudden floods – sometimes they happen at the dawn of the morning – that, in the best case, takes the tent.

The ideal is to install a tent in places far from the river and in high areas.

One way to know the limit is to observe carefully, where rivers and streams pass, the level mark of the floods, which usually leaves hangover on trees, stones, and fences. That is the area where you cannot camp.

In addition, Concha states that camping should not be installed in areas likely to collapse or detachment.

And he recommends placing the tent under a tree, because of the shade, but it highlights the need to ensure that it is not a softwood species since, in case of severe storms, some branches can be detached.

Meanwhile, the Government of Cordoba recommends not camping in areas where the landforms a funnel or a well, since in the case of rain the tent can be flooded.

“We advise not to light a fire,” adds Concha, except in camping enabled in places also enabled (such as barbecue).

Finally, remember that the night significantly lowers the temperature in the mountains, so it is necessary to wear enough shelter for adults and children.


In the mountains, in addition, you have to be careful with the bugs and insects. “In the mountains of Cordoba, it is likely to find snakes and venomous snakes, which can be fatal if medical attention is not immediate,” says Concha.

Given this situation, you should not camp or walk-in places with high pastures, as they can be the nest of one of the many offices that abound in Córdoba (rattlesnake, coral).

Tips for trekking


 To make a circuit, the idea is to do it with someone who knows the area, a guide.


If it is decided to do it alone, before climbing the hill, inform the destination and duration to the authorities of the area. Be careful: there is usually a cell phone signal. 


Protect yourself with appropriate footwear and clothing to avoid bites, scratches, and kinks.


Bring a good amount of drinking water. 

Physical state.

Climbing hills requires good physical condition.


Avoid peak heat schedules. Wear hats and high factor sunscreen.


In case of taking medications (for example, asthmatic or insulin-dependent diabetics), take them with you.

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