How to plan an unforgettable holiday in Australia

How to plan an unforgettable holiday in Australia

Are you thinking of a trip to Australia? Here is the guide for a memorable vacation.

A trip to Australia is much more than a visit to the city, an outback adventure, a delicious gastronomic experience, or a trip to paradise beaches. The whole continent offers an incredible variety of landscapes and cultures. But planning a journey is difficult. Plan an unforgettable adventure. Discover the most incredible destinations, events, and experiences in the country. Here are some useful tips and itineraries that will inspire you for your first trip to Australia.


Australia has a creative and excellent culture that is constantly evolving. In addition to the classic barbecue, Australia offers delicious and innovative cuisines. This guide will help you find fine dining in the Fleurieu Peninsula, South Australia, experience a gourmet adventure in Margaret River, and try the bush tucker.

Or you can try this 14-day cuisines and nature journey. Let yourself be guided through the best food experiences in the south of Australia. You will arrive in Melbourne where you will experience the lively inn and trendy restaurants. You will taste the regional flavors of Victoria and those of Adelaide and Tasmania.


Although Australia is a relatively new and modern country. It boasts the oldest living culture in the world. The result is a country that provides visitors the chance to discover the history, art, and culture of Aboriginal Australia as well as an incredible number of modern museums and artistic, theatrical, and musical events. In this 10-day tour between Sydney, you will visit the Australian icons of modern and ancient culture. A classic travel experience in Australia offers a fantastic mix between the city, the outback, the coast, and in some of the most spectacular areas of Australia.

Visit the capital of Australia for history and culture. Canberra is a lively center of art, history, politics, and science, and is a 3-hour drive from Sydney. This 3-day Canberra journey highlights the city’s cultural district, which includes the Parliament House, Australian War Memorial, and the National Gallery of Australia, etc..

There is a wide range of cultural offerings in all Australian states. This comprehensive guide to cultural attractions offers advice on where to see theater and music, admire contemporary art, take part in book fairs, and immerse yourself in Australia’s rich history.


Australia is home where you can find more than a million species of plants and animals. Many of which are not found in any place else in the world. Among the best known are the koala, the wombat, the kangaroo, the kookaburra, and the platypus. Read this guide to meet the most tender Australian animals and to caress them. You can hold a koala on the Gold Coast, see the sea elephants on Kangaroo Island in South Australia and meet the Tasmanian devil in Hobart face to face.

Below the surface of the sea, you will discover the spectacular marine life of Australia. This guide for swimming with sharks, whales, and giant cuttlefish will take you on a marine journey. Swim with humpback whales on Ningaloo Reef in Western Australia and see giant squid in South Australia’s Upper Spencer Gulf Marine Park.


Spend ten days exploring the Australian coast and discover the white beaches, coral reefs, and World Heritage sites. On this 10-day trip from coast to coast, you will cross the country to discover the famous Australian Great Barrier Reef in Queensland. Before heading to Western Australia to admire the amazing Ningaloo Reef, one of Australia’s hidden pearls.

Australia boasts some of the most wonderful beaches in the world, from the renowned Bondi Beach to the Great Ocean Road. The ideal vacation for sea lovers is here in Australia. Actor Chris Hemsworth recommends an unmissable coastal trip to consider for your next trip to Australia.

Byron Bay is one of the famous cities on the Australian coast. However, Australia has many cities with secret beaches to visit. Explore the coasts and enjoy local hospitality in destinations such as Palm Cove in Northern Queensland, Nelson in Victoria and South West Rocks in New South Wales.


Australia offers not only wonderful beaches but also adventures that bring heart-poundingly. Crossing Australia from south to north is an incredible experience and can be done in two weeks. This 14-day trip combines two very different areas, World Heritage, national parks, breathtaking natural landscapes, excellent wineries, and an epic train journey into the mythical outback from Darwin to Adelaide.

Get your adrenaline flowing by trying one of these activities, and you can only do it in Australia. Rope down from the highest dam in the world in Tasmania, hike under the tallest trees in the world in Western Australia, and climb the famous Sydney Harbor Bridge.

The national parks, the rainforest, and the beautiful Australian coasts are an excellent playground for adventure lovers. This guide to on-the-road travel in Australia recommends famous routes by car to famous places like Flinders ranges, etc.

A fantastic way to discover wild nature. A guide on glamping, the best places to camp in the country.


If you travel with children, then this ten-day guide is essential to learn about the best experiences to live in this country at high costs. A journey from Sydney to the tropical Cairns, with some stops including the beautiful city of Byron Bay.

For great fun with the kids, join the Gold Coast. This 3-day trip will appeal not only to the younger ones but also to the parents. The whole family can surf, ride a roller coaster, and drive an off-road vehicle in the rainforest. The itinerary includes moments of relaxation in the best Gold Coast spas, tips on bars, and shopping.

Want to explore one of Australia’s pristine islands with children? There are many islands with fantastic beaches and an incredible Australian fauna ideal for visitors of all ages.

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