Incredible Food Festivals

Incredible Food Festivals

One of the best activities we can enjoy when we travel to other countries in the world is the tasting of its typical food. And for this, nothing better than enjoying the atmosphere of the best food festivals in the world.

Today the food festivals have become important events in which in addition to savoring the most delicious meals. We will enjoy a festive atmosphere and countless activities that will make us have a fun day.

Discover which are the best food festivals that you cannot miss.

The Crave Sydney International Food Festival (Australia)

This event takes place in the city of Sydney, where the star dishes are those cooked with beef, very popular in the country. Although dishes with fish and vegetables also abound.

In addition to being able to enjoy various gastronomic specialties of all styles. Fans of the world of cooking will have the opportunity to learn a little more by holding multiple conferences in which chefs of recognized prestige participate.

The festival celebrates every year an edition inspired by a gastronomic theme around which all kinds of different dishes are cooked. In addition to competitions and even activities for children. A great party that you should not miss if you travel to the Australian city during the month of October.

Singapore Food Festival (Republic of Singapore)

The food festival in Singapore takes place every year during the month of July. It has become one of the most anticipated occasions for citizens.

With the celebration of this festival. They intend to publicize the huge variety of textures, foods, and flavors that we can find around the world. For this, the preparation of around 50 pavilions takes place every year. We can find both local and international food at very affordable prices.

On the other hand, the Food Festival of Singapore has a didactic character. Therefore, all those interested in learning about international food can approach the different pavilions to obtain small classes in relation to the gastronomy of a particular country. A fantastic way to travel through flavor to all parts of the world.

Galway Oyster Festival (Ireland)

At the end of September, one of the most original food festivals in the world. The Oyster Festival is celebrated in the Irish town of Galway, which has been celebrated over more than 50 editions on the occasion of the annual collection of this mollusk.

Thus, every year at the Nimmo pier, hundreds of people gather to enjoy this exquisite tasting in the company of a Guinness beer. As a complement to the tasting. A competition is held to beat the record in opening oysters and eating them.

The Oyster Festival also features one of the most traditional competitions in the country, the World Oyster Championship, which awards a prize to the highest quality oysters. A gourmet delight that counts for thousands in this fun and original Irish gastronomic festival.

Foodex Japan (Japan)

Since its beginning, almost forty years ago, the Foodex Japan Asian food festival, which has been held around the month of March. It has become a benchmark in the world of food. So much so that in addition to being the most important fair in the Asian continent is one of the most frequented by companies from all over the world that arrive with the intention of establishing new professional relationships.

Approximately 3,000 exhibitors welcome the visitor, who can find tasting sessions with culinary specialties from all over the world, as well as visit seminars and learn about the new trends in food. It is certainly one of the best business opportunities for companies and a gastronomic luxury for the consumer.

Alba Truffle Market (Italy)

More than 80 editions guarantee the success of one of the most important food fairs in the world. This is the White Truffle Fair, in the Italian town of Alba, in the Piedmont region, and which takes place every year with the autumn’s arrival. It is here that we can find this wonderful delicacy, at the price of gold considering that the smallest truffles reach prices that are around 200 euros.

Each of the truffles sold in this fair has its own certificate and numbering that allows knowing the seller who offered them to us. On the other hand, the fair has numerous activities such as the wine festival or the Alba White Truffle International Auction.

‘Salvajes’ food festival in Hokitika (New Zealand)

If there is a truly original and somewhat different gastronomic festival that is the Hokitika Festival of “wild” foods in New Zealand, which takes place every year during the month of March, and it is that despite being a festival not suitable for very demanding palates. The truth is that it has already exceeded 20 editions. And has more and more curious people who come to check the eccentricity of some of the dishes.

Thus, among some of the dishes, we can find, stand out cricket candies, or wasp ice cream, going through one of the star dishes, the giant beetle larvae. We could say that in this Festival of “wild” foods. We will have the opportunity to try practically everything we can imagine.

There are also some other recreational activities, including concerts, or photography competitions. If you want to try unusual foods or just have a fun time. This festival will surely surprise you.

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