Reasons to travel to Pakistan at least once in your life

Reasons to travel to Pakistan at least once in your life

Pakistan is one of the most exciting countries in the world. Within its limits, it has mountains on one side and desert on the other. In addition, there converge a multitude of cultures from various ethnic groups.

Each ethnic group brings with its ancient traditions, fascinating cultures, food, clothes, and charming myths. This makes Pakistan an exciting and peculiar land. You must visit Pakistan at least once in your life. Because the human quality you will find and the beauty of its natural landscapes will make it an experience that you will always want to treasure.

Natural beauty

Pakistan has vast fields, rivers, oceans, and deserts that make it a complete natural treasure. One of the reasons why the landscape is so captivating is because most of it is still preserved in its natural form. Let’s not forget that Pakistan is proud to have five of the highest and most glorious mountains in the world.

Cultural diversity

Pakistan has five provinces, each with its own culture, traditions, dialect, culinary richness, and art. If you travel to Pakistan, you will feel that you are visiting a different country when crossing through each province. This multiformity is what enriches the variety of food, music, literature, as well as a large number of dialects. It is a truly interesting experience because you can experience a multitude of cultures under the protection of a collective culture. This will make your trip a lesson in diversity.

The traditional food

The food in Pakistan is well-known for its use of herbs and spices. Each traditional dish is a special concoction whose recipe has been perfected through generations to give it a perfect flavor. The country is also famous for its exclusive sweets known as Mithai. Pakistan is also known for its agriculture and, therefore, you must be prepared to try all kinds of organic fruits and vegetables.

The local bazaars

There is a thriving market culture in Pakistan. The amazing thing about local bazaars is that each store has an owner who has been there for decades and can answer any questions about their trade. This relationship that sellers have with customers is very valuable in the modern era of shopping.


This country abounds with artisans who are extraordinarily skilled in producing certain goods. They have learned a specific skill from their parents, who in turn learned it from their grandparents. There are woven, embroidered rugs made in all kinds of garments and jewelry that cut perfectly.

Local music

Most musicians prefer to use traditional Eastern instruments such as flute, rubab, and harmonium. Along with the charm of the sound produced by these local instruments, there are notes that date back more than 1,000 years, which are sung by local musicians. No matter how many concerts you have attended. Listening to a Qawwali will be a musical experience that you will remember forever.

The hospitality

The inhabitants of this country do everything possible to be hospitable to their guests. Any Pakistani who crosses your path will tell you everything he needs to know about the area and the conversation will always end by inviting you to his house for tea or dinner.

Beautiful clothes

In Pakistan, you can find any type of cotton, silk, wool, and linen. It has more variety of fabric than any other place in the world. On top of that, there is a wide variety of skilled craftsmen who can make designs on any fabric using all kinds of stones so you can have your custom made clothes you always dreamed of.

Passion for sports

This country is famous for its passion for sports, cricket and polo are the favorites. Pakistan has some of the most remarkable polo matches in the world that take place in Shandur. Everywhere there is a cricket match, there is a kind of frenzy. You can see people dancing, listening to music, and uncontrollably mocking the opposing team.

Great mosques

During the centuries when the Mughals reigned over the subcontinent, they hired the most illustrious artists and architects of the time to create mosques that remain as glorious as they were at their peak — for example, the Wazir Khan Mosque and the Badshahi Mosque, in Lahore. The architecture, minarets, and exquisite works of art accompanied by impeccable calligraphy make these mosques an architectural marvel.

Ancient temples

There is a multitude of ancient Hindu temples in Pakistan. One of the most world-famous Hindu temples in Pakistan are the temples of Katas Raj that have all the appeal of ancient architecture. Alongside these are others that are also centuries old. Jagannath Mandir in Sialkot, Hinglaj Mata Mandir in Balochistan, and Panchmukhi Hanuman Mandir in Karachi these are some examples. All these temples were built to pay homage to some of the most sacred deities of the Hindu religion throughout the centuries.

It is a historical treasure chest. 

The entire land of Pakistan is a historical treasure. There are significant remains of the Greek world in the form of art, utensils, swords, and statues, etc. from the time of Alexander the Great. There are also great mosques that echo the art of the great Mughals that were the invaders of Central Asia. During the twentieth century, large buildings and prestigious watchtowers and railroads were built that remain a testimony of British rule.

Decorated trucks and buses

Decorated trucks and buses have become a widespread representation of Pakistani culture. There is a whole subculture that spins around its ornamentation. Mount Cook or AorakiYou never see a truck that is not a unique work of art. And each truck is a colorful representation of Pakistan’s thriving culture.

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