In northern Pakistan, you can find a wonderful Sheosar lake. It was placed in the territory of Deosai National Park. The lake is world-famous thanks to its crystal clear waters. For centuries, the lake has been the clearest reservoir on the planet. Its maximum depth reaches 40 meters, and the length is about 2.3 km, width 1.8 km. The lake is located in a remote mountainous region, at a maximum of 4 142 meters above sea level.

Travelers cannot order a four-wheeled vehicle or hiking excursions in Deosai National Park. You can reach the mountainous region in a couple of hours with the SUV, while the trekking will last no less than two days. Fans of nature have to walk in the nature reserve on foot. Special areas were made where people can set up a tent and stay for one night or to relax.

The best time to visit the incredible lake and the walk-in reserve is from the beginning of June until the end of September. At this time a lot of flowers surround the lake and the nearby territory. Butterflies are the chief peculiarity of this place. You can see many decades of the species.

In November everything in the valley is blanketed with snow. Only in May does nature wake up entirely from a deep sleep. That is why during this period the reservation is closed for visitors.

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