Six tips to take your friend on his first camping trip

Six tips to take your friend on his first camping trip

We all like camping, some more than others. I have friends who think about going camping where there is no bathroom, scares them. While others, that is a problem that goes to the background when it comes to outdoor outputs. I think we all have a “free” side, to go exploring and find new adventures, and although it takes a little time, we can all end up wanting camping. But how many times do we need that partner to accompany us to a weekend of disconnection? And some people would like to share those moments. This is the moment when the question comes, how can we take our friends to camp for the first time?

1.- Understand your experience

Not everyone has the experience of going camping and “meeting” with nature. So it is perhaps more difficult to adapt to a place that is not our home, or that are not our comforts nearby. Some people have never stepped on a place where there is no bathroom, and the only light to light is a candle or lantern. This is a key point to start; if you are not sure, you could end up hating your friend’s inexperience.

2.- Start simply

Ready! We already have the idea of ​​pushing our friends. But you have to think that not everyone is prepared for the same. One thing is that you can climb Everest or fish hundreds of salmon from the river in a couple of minutes. And here is when we have to put all our good vibes. Remember that our companion may have never set up a tent. So to be the first time a bit of “glamping” is recommended, maybe rent a cabin or find a campsite with all the comforts of the world (shower with hot water, clean bathrooms, etc.). The shorter and simple the outdoor time is, the less likely your friend feels things are going wrong (and that will give him security to return).

3.- That the plan is comfortable

Now that you have the perfect plan and can take it camping, make your experience as comfortable as possible, something like being at home. If your friend likes to drink coffee, bring his favorite coffee, and give him his favorite cup every morning. And when cooking, leave aside the typical noodles. Now there is very rich packaged food such as Outdoor Daff.

4.- Teach (with a lot of patience)

Sometimes patience runs out, but first, you must support your friend. Most people like to learn new skills and get excited, but people who are not in their square meter of comfort get nervous and uncomfortable when it comes to something they don’t know. So to meditate and put aside the bad temper, nothing better than your best friend teach you things (and that is mutual).

5.- The surprise factor

Every trip has something entertaining, a landscape, a place, a view, something to show … That makes us automatically keep in our memories how important, beautiful, and magical we are living. A camping experience + a surprise will mean an unforgettable experience (and more desire to return to see the same).

6.- A good prize

When we do things right, we like to be given something or not? And it can be from a simple candy or a night in a 5-star hotel … After walking all day, camping away from the city, or a long hours trekking … Nothing better than finishing with a pizza, a good soft drink or chocolate… After a long adventure, nothing better than being well paid.

Are you ready? Now to prepare our friends who know little about adventures, surely end up wanting to go every weekend.

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