Do you know an addicted traveler and his birthday is approaching? You are a traveler and want to become a self-gift? Are the holidays approaching, and you don’t know what to give to your companion? There are lots of original gifts for travelers that can serve you in these circumstances, usually small things, but that can be very useful.

So what are the best gifts for travelers? What can you give to someone who is traveling? We bring you the list of the most original and useful gifts for travelers at any time of the year. Keep reading to discover them!

The most curious and necessary gifts for addicted travelers

From a small bag to a smart suitcase. There are a lot of things that can be very useful for our trips. We are convinced that you will succeed if you make any of these gifts for travelers to a friend or relative!

1. Waterproof covers for mobile and documentation

We always recommend bringing the documentation as close as possible to us, which means that sometimes we can suffer an accident, the travel documentation can get wet or something on top of it. The way to avoid this and have it protected can be to take it inside a waterproof case. The same goes for the mobile, we all usually carry it in a case, so having a raincoat is a great advantage to protect it from any eventuality that may arise.

2. An inner fanny pack

Many travelers wonder how to take money during trips. They are fanny packs that are stuck inside the clothes; they are very useful to carry both important documents and money out of sight. We can even save the phone in some. They are an ideal solution if we travel through places that we do not consider especially safe.

3. An electronic book

Before it was difficult to read when you were traveling, at most, you could take a couple of books with you. Nowadays, with electronic books, things change a lot, they are small, light and allow us to carry huge libraries with us. So they are an ideal gift for all those travelers who are also lovers of reading. In addition, they will be a relief to spend the long waiting hours at the airport or in the means of transport.

4. Portable solar panels

We continue talking about the advancement of technology. Formerly if we were in a space far from civilization, it was impossible to have electricity unless we were charging with batteries. Today, we can get solar panels that are small and flexible, and we can associate them with the same backpack so that they can load as we walk. They will allow us to charge our mobile or Tablet or generate a small light source.

5. External battery

It is a very handy gift for travelers since it serves to have a charge that extends the life of the mobile or the Tablet. An external battery can get us out of trouble if we need to communicate at any given time, and our cell phone’s battery runs out.

6. External hard drive

Throughout our travels now that we all carry the camera built into the mobile. Even with our digital camera, we tend to take so many photographs that we can fill our devices too much. An external hard drive is a small but large capacity device that can be very useful for downloading all the graphic material we accumulate.

7. Universal power adapter

Many foreign countries have different plugs than ours. As we are always going to have some electrical device to charge, it will be very useful to have a universal power adapter that can be used for any country.

8. Microfiber towels

Conventional towels take up a lot of space in the kitchen and also weigh, microfiber are ideal for traveling, especially if we are going to make our first backpacking trip. These are special towels for outdoor activities; they are light, dry quickly, and take up little space.

9. Washing bag

Washing clothes can become a small problem for travelers, there are indeed more and more laundries, but these are expensive. Wash bags are high-density plastic bags, which are rough inside. They serve to put dirty clothes, add water and a biodegradable detergent and then wash the bag for 3 minutes. The result is similar to that of a washing machine.

10. A trip!

So is. An inveterate traveler will eternally thank you for giving him a surprise trip. You do not need to buy some tickets to go to the Caribbean, but a weekend getaway can be a good option to surprise even the pickiest traveler. Go ahead and organize a trip online to get the best last-minute offers and give a surprise trip to that particular person! Also, why don’t you take advantage and join the journey? It can be the perfect excuse to visit that destination that you want so much.

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