The ten best regions recommended for travel in 2020

The ten best regions recommended for travel in 2020

It is a selection of countries, regions, cities, and destinations with better value for money that travelers should consult before traveling, as they are really interesting and different proposals.

The Ten Regions

Silk Road through Central Asia

It is one of the most famous and mysterious trade routes in the world, which passed through the Asian continent carrying very precious material, the silk of China. The caravans crossed the most diverse landscapes until reaching Constantinople, the present-day Istanbul: deserts, oases, vast meadows with nomadic villages, incredible mountains, and cities like Kyrgyzstan, Tajikistan and Uzbekistan. A route, something less known than others, which today is more accessible than ever.

Marche, Italy

The Italian region of Marche has nothing to envy to the region of Tuscany, it’s neighbor. Located between the Apennine mountains and the Adriatic coast, where the undulating and mountainous landscapes dominate, but there are also beaches of fine sand next to pure and clear waters. The beaches of Numana, Portonovo, or Spiaggia del Velluto are some examples. It is less known by tourists but is full of towns with history, such as Urbino. The palace-city declared a world heritage site.

Tohoku, Japan

In the northeast of the main island of Japan. Honshu is the large Tohoku region that is formed by six rural districts. It is one of the most beautiful and least known areas, with beautiful landscapes and historical treasures. A trip to the essence of Japan through its festivals; Buddhist temples like Zuiganj’s; hot spring centers like in Ginzan Onsen; a vestige of the samurai as in Aizu and archaeological areas such as that of Hiraizumi, declared a world heritage site, among many other wonders. An alternative to the massive Tokyo and a few hours away by bullet train.

Maine, USA

Maine is the giant state in New England and is located in the Northeast region of the country. Its capital is Augusta, and Portland is the most populous city. A region is full of forests, especially white pine, charming villages, lighthouses, endless beaches, and vertigo cliffs, endless breathtaking landscapes.

Lord Howe Island, Australia

The island of Lord Howe is located in the Tasmanian Sea, about 600 km east of the Australian continent. An authentic almost virgin earthly paradise, where numerous endemic species coexist between steep and steep slopes and splendid beaches with crystal clear waters. Not in vain was declared a world heritage site. It only has 300 residents and only 400 visitors are given access at a time to protect it from tourism excesses. To detoxify everything, without mobiles or cars.

Guizhou Province, China

Guizhou Province, southwest of China, remains largely unknown to travelers. It is located between rugged limestone mountains, waterfalls, underground lakes, rice paddies, and picturesque villages in which various ethnic groups live that maintain their traditional lifestyle and customs. Among its natural attractions are the Shuanghe cave, one of the longest in the world. The Huangguoshu waterfall that falls from 48 m high to the rhino pool, which is 11 m deep; and the Azalea de Baili forest park, a large garden of natural flowers distributed in 180 square kilometers.

Cadiz Province, Spain

The province of Cadiz located southwest of Andalusia, just 14 kilometers from the African continent. The place of exceptional natural beauty and rich cultural heritage, many cultures have left their mark on this land. Greeks, Phoenicians, Carthaginians, Visigoths, Arabs … It has exceptional protected natural areas, such as the Sancti Petri marshes and its natural parks. In addition, it has a coastline of 250 kilometers, with beaches of fine sand and large areas, some quiet and others windswept by Levante.

They emphasize their spectacular white villages that maintain their Arabic layout of small whitewashed houses. A region for those looking for an alternative to the hustle and bustle of the Costa del Sol.

Northeast, Argentina

The Northeast region is a subregion of a larger one, and as its name indicates it covers throughout the northeastern area of ​​Argentina. It is made up of the provinces of Misiones, Corrientes, Entre Rios, Chaco and Formosa, and water is part of its landscape as it forms the Rio Plata basin, where several rivers that pour its waters. The biggest tourist attraction is the Iguazu Falls but there are other natural wonders that deserve special attention, such as the Chaco National Park, a natural refuge of almost 15 thousand hectares, which aims to save the quebracho tree specimens up to 15 m high and with over 200 years old; and the reserve of Los Esteros de Ibera, more than 25 thousand hectares of wetlands and swamps where you can find the widest variety of flora and fauna.

Gulf of Carnaro, Croatia

It is the least known part of the coast of Croatia and is located in the Adriatic Sea, north of the Istrian peninsula. It has beautiful and attractive areas, such as Rijeka, Opatija or Kastav, and small islands, all reachable by boats, such as Krk, Cres, and Losinj, where you can enjoy sandy beaches, hidden coves, and small villages. Meanwhile, the thick forest covers its north, there is Risnjak National Park; and inside, the Plitvice Lakes National Park, a true water paradise.

Brazilian Amazon

The Amazon region holds the title of being the ‘lung of the world’ since its tropical forest maintains the planet’s climate balance. In addition, it hosts the greatest biological diversity in the world with more than half of all living species. A natural wonder crossed by rivers and forests that covers almost half of Brazil.

Ecological and sustainable tourism is the great attraction of the area, although always with the objective of preserving and living with nature, simultaneously benefiting local natives and the national economy, an experience that very few can tell that they have lived.

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