The 10 best value for money destinations to travel in 2020

The 10 best value for money destinations to travel in 2020

It is a selection of countriesregions, cities, and stations with better value for money that travelers should consult before traveling, as they are really interesting and different proposals.

For those who want to know fascinating destinations but without ruining the trip. They have selected ten enclaves to consider for those who want to enjoy every penny invested in their next traveling adventure around the world.

East Nusa Tenggara, Indonesia

With fewer people than in Bali, Lombok or the Gili Islands, the East Nusa Tenggara region is wonderful. It consists of more than 500 islands known as the Sonda Islands. The largest being Sumba, Flores, and West Timor. They have paradisiacal beaches of turquoise waters, fascinating landscapes, tribal traditions, among other wonders that make them unique.

Budapest, Hungary

Budapest, the so-called ‘Pearl of the Danube’ is one of the most elegant European cities in Europe for its buildings in the art nouveau style. It is not only beautiful but also has all the ingredients to enjoy a wonderful holiday. Historical sites, culture, architecture Fascinating urban and amazing nature, and all at a great price.

Madhya Pradesh, India

Madhya Pradesh means ‘central province’ and, as the name implies. It is located in the geographical heart of India. Some of its cities stand out for their architecture, such as the temples of Khajuraho. The Buddhist monuments of Sanchi and the rock shelters of Bhimbetka have been declared a world heritage site. And as a flourish, in the National Park of Bandhavgarh, it is almost certain that you can see tigers, and it is much cheaper than an African safari.

Buffalo, USA

Buffalo is located in the state of New York, just half an hour from Niagara Falls. It is a classic city with a wide range of leisure, gastronomy, and culture but at a lower price than the rest of American cities. It is known for architectural jewels designed by Frank Lloyd Wright, as well as Victorian mansions and art deco buildings.


Azerbaijan is a country located in the South Caucasus, and it is a true mix of cultures between the West and the East, which makes it a fascinating spot. Its landscape is changing and surprising from high mountains, through deserts, green meadows, and coastal areas. And the capital Baku is famous for the medieval walled city that contrasts with the best contemporary architecture. In addition, it is outside the most tourist routes, and if that were not enough, it is best that it is one of the cheapest countries in the world.


Located in the Balkans in southeastern Europe. Serbia is an atypical station, but its great historical and architectural heritage, its traditions, its excellent cuisine, and its exceptional natural landscapes make it essential. Its capital, Belgrade, crossed by the Danube, is a cosmopolitan city in which to lose a few days, but we must not miss seeing its castles and orthodox monasteries patrimony of humanity, or its areas declared a Biosphere Reserve.


Between the Mediterranean and the Sahara is this exotic country, Tunisia, which has important archaeological sites such as the remains of ancient Carthage, and its monumental mosques such as Keruan, but also has beach destinations and spectacular routes through of the desert in which to sleep underground, as in Matmata, or on the contrary, enjoy the beach and the sea, as in the beautiful coastal town of Sidi Bou Said. Charm, history, culture, and adventure for little money.

Athens, Greece

Athens is a large open-air museum, in the Greek capital you can find it from Byzantine churches and neoclassical buildings, including the National Library and the University of Athens, to more well-known buildings in Classical Greece. The Parthenon, the Erechtheum, the temple of Athena Niké … but it is worth knowing the current city, at the foot of the Acropolis, is the Plaka neighborhood. The oldest, where you can walk through narrow pedestrian streets and taste a good wine or an excellent dish of Typical food without ruining.

Zanzibar, Tanzania

Zanzibar is an island located 36 kilometers off the coast of Tanzania, in the Indian Ocean. Its paradisiacal beaches of turquoise waters and white sand make it a perfect destination to relax. There are countless proposals for accommodation next to the beach and for all budgets. The must-see is the capital of the island, Stone Tow, a maze of narrow streets and alleys, declared a world heritage site, where you can try local food at street stalls. It is also possible to make jungle safaris. Altogether it is a very complete offer.

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