The 12 best gadgets for adventurous travelers

The 12 best gadgets for adventurous travelers

In a world in which technological development brings us more and more comforts. The adventurous traveler is in a dilemma that leads him to decide between confronting nature with the basic equipment of yesteryear or taking advantage of those technological aids to improve safety, comfort, and, ultimately, the chances of success without mishaps of your adventure.

If you are one of the second group, in Skyscanner, we bring you the new best gadgets to help you on your adventure trips:

1. Survival tablet

How could it be otherwise, at a time when everyone is literally stuck to an object with a touch screen – whether smartphone, tablet, or computer -, one of the most useful and complete gadgets that you must accompany on your adventure trip is a survival tablet.

Android has developed a complete survival tablet model that has thousands of maps, bi-directional communication, instant weather information, solar charging system, GPS, satellite compass, radio receiver … All in light and small devices – the screen does not exceed 6 inches – with E-ink ink (which can be read in almost any type of light). As a climax, if you stay lost at night, the screen can function as a powerful flashlight.

2. Inflatable tent without rods

The tent is one of the classics of any adventure trip. Gone are the times when you had to carry a heavy bag containing the canvas, covers, rods, picks, etc. The materials are becoming lighter and stronger, making the traveler’s life much easier.

However, there is always the issue of having to set up the store. To facilitate this, there are different models of inflatable tents on the market.

The most advanced of these is a kind of reinforced igloo that swells in less than 1 minute, accommodates three people and resists, with total stability, winds of up to 120 km / h. Perfect for camping in high mountains.

There are other more familiar models, also with fast inflation and enough capacity for nine people, being able to divide environments and with transparent ceilings to enjoy the starry nights.

3. Sleeping bags

And if the tent is an essential gadget on your adventure trip, the sleeping bag is no less.

If you are going to use it to sleep inside a tent, there is no problem, because in almost any mountaineering and adventure shop you will have good bags, light and comfortable. However, technology has developed materials that allow you to sleep only with the satin bag, even in cold areas. Two examples are the tent-tent and the sleeping bag that maintains human warmth.

The first one has an external fabric that repels wind and water, while a small hood – in the triangular style of tents – covers your head, and the inside of the jacket is warm.

In the second case, the special fabric of the sleeping bag takes advantage of your temporary heat to reach its maximum temperature in no more than two minutes, keeping your limbs warm and the trunk at a cooler and healthier temperature.

4. Solar charger

Another ‘gadget’ totally necessary for adventurous travelers is a solar charger. Having this type of charger prevents the weight and extra weight of having to carry different battery chargers for the devices.

The best is light that fits perfectly into a small backpack. You have to unfold it, tie it to one of the hooks of the backpack, and start walking without further ado. When the day is over, you will have plenty of energy to charge all the devices you need.

5. Survival bracelet

It is very good to rely on technology, but you know that it may be the case that it fails us.

Therefore, it is not bad to always have old tools and more traditional survival objects at hand. This is the end of survival bracelets.

The current ones are complete. The wrist-adaptable rope performs the functions of survival rope. while in the center, they carry a compass and in the internal compartment of the bracelet, you will find flexible tubes that contain useful objects such as fire starters, magnifying glass, iodine tablets (purifiers of water), a small survival knife, thread, hook, and lead (fishing can be a good way to get food if you get lost) and an emergency whistle.

6. Sending emergency signals by satellite

If, in addition to being an adventurer, you are a cinephile, you will surely remember the tremendous film ‘127 hours’ (2010), in which a fantastic James Franco plays Aron Ralston. The American mountaineer who fell into the crack of a canyon and was, during that time, with his arm caught between a stone and the wall. Finally, he chose to amputate his arm and managed to get out alive thanks to a combination of courage, medical knowledge, and luck.

Ralston was saved, among many other things, by carrying a complete Swiss army knife. However, perhaps he would have been able to get out of there in much less time and with his body intact if he had carried a Garmin Etrex 10 with GPS satellite connection.

With it, you don’t depend on whether your phone has coverage or not. If any mishap occurs or you get lost, you can share your location with the emergency teams and communicate with them. Totally advisable if you are going to venture into remote and unknown places.

7. Solar cookers

If you take a trip through nature that lasts more than 48 hours, surely you do not feel like eating snacks, sandwiches, fruit, and energy bars. Cooking should come into your plans, as a hot meal can make you feel much better on the cold camping nights.

What if, in addition to cooking without gas, in doing so, you could charge your electronic devices? Yes, some stoves feed only on wood and that, by means of a device that is attached to it, converts the heat that it releases into thermal energy that recharges devices via USB. 

Another fantastic option to eat hot in nature is the kitchen that works only with solar energy. Do not worry; even if the day is cloudy, you can grill your steak without problems.

8. Water filters

If eating during an adventure trip is necessary, drinking is even more necessary. It is scientifically proven that your body can last longer without eating than without drinking, so, just in case, you must be prepared to take advantage of water sources of any kind you find in nature.

For this, the typical water treatment tablets have become obsolete. It is true that they are valid, but you usually have to wait an hour to consume 1 liter of potable water. Now there are ‘gadgets’ in the market that can get to purify the water instantly, drinking from a cane that uses two filters that kill all the bacteria harmful to the human body.

9. Solar, crank, and headlamps

The flashlight is another essential for any adventure trip. Whether you camp in nature or if you do it inside a campsite, at nightfall, you will need to move.

Among the new types of flashlights include emergency, solar, and modern front with light sensors.

The first ones are very light (less than 100 g), and its solar charger makes turning the crank for about 5 minutes to give you an hour of light. They are perfect for carrying in your backpack on a day trip that can be lengthened.

The heaviest solar lanterns also have greater power, and some even incorporate a small medical kit inside their tube. That kit may contain items such as ibuprofen, antiseptic gauze, or tweezers.

Finally, a very top gadget is the headlight with a light sensor. This makes the light power of your flashlight adjust according to the brightness of the environment.

10. Portable hot water shower

Surely, as a good adventurous traveler, you are willing to spend as much time in nature as necessary. However, after a few days of living like Robinson Crusoe, there is no doubt that you will appreciate a good hot shower.

A portable shower is something you should always bring with you on adventure trips that take you to the depths of nature for several days. There are them with capacity for about 25 liters, and they have a handle that attaches to tree branches and trunks. In addition, the water is heated, taking advantage of solar energy, so you can enjoy a pleasant hot shower in nature.

11. Binoculars that record video

In large natural spaces, sometimes binoculars can show you many of their most hidden beauties. They are especially useful on trips where you expect to see a lot of wildlife. Now, in addition, you have the possibility to record, in FullHD quality, all the images you see through them. Especially recommended for ornithologists.

12. Hammock

Finally, sleeping lying between the trees is not only something that usually attracts comfort and the feeling of freedom, but it can often be really useful because the ground is wet or can hold annoying insects.

There are a couple of really curious hammocks. One has three levels – two for sleeping and a roof – and the other is a hybrid between tent and hammock, being able to choose which one you use, depending on the weather and the condition of the ground.

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