Long-distance trips to countries in the Asian continent are increasingly fashionable, but the truth is that not all budgets can afford to enjoy this type of tours. Discover the best tricks to save on your next trip to China.

How do you save on your trip to China?

Air tickets, travel, accommodation, meals, excursions … There is a lot of money to pay when we travel abroad and especially on trips to China.

If you have decided to explore the wonders of the ‘Asian giant,’ but you have a budget that is too tight, do not miss these tips that will allow you to save some cash on your next tour to China :

1. All-inclusive trips

One of the cheapest options to visit China is to opt for the all-inclusive travel option. Many travel agencies allow you to hire flights to China and also hotels in the cities you are going to visit in the same package.

In addition, these types of trips have the advantage that they can be designed to suit you and to depend on the cities and towns you want to visit.

2. Take advantage of the offseason

While it is true that most people only have summer to travel, if you want to save good money on your trip to China, the main recommendation is that you travel during the offseason.

And, as in most tourist destinations in the world, prices in China are higher during the most typical holiday periods, such as summer and Christmas dates.

The low season is the time of the year that extends from the middle of the month of November until the month of March included, and in these dates, you can save a lot of money on accommodation, transportation, even, in the price of the main tourist attractions of China.

3. Internal train journeys

If you are going to travel through the interior of the country, the cheapest option for this type of internal displacement is the train. And is that train tickets leave much cheaper than flights between Chinese cities. And, in addition, if you take advantage of and travel at night, you can also save yourself from another hotel night.

4. Avoid changing the currency at the airport

Due to the high commissions that are usually charged at the exchange offices of the airports. Another of the tricks to save when traveling to China is to avoid the currency exchange in this type of establishments.

It is preferable that you are a forecaster with the money, and that you take a good part of the euros that you are going to spend already changed to Renminbi (RMB), which is the official currency of the Republic of China.

And if you run out of cash at some point during the trip, it will be cheaper to use your credit card before changing money at any exchange office that you find on the street.

5. Reduce the number of activities

Although when we visit a country abroad, we feel the need to do all kinds of excursions and activities, when you travel to China, you must reduce the number of activities you intend to hire.

In this sense, if you want to save enough money on your trip, it is best to hire only those excursions that are essential, since many activities and attractions in China have exorbitant prices.

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