The five best destinations for a perfect honeymoon

The five best destinations for a perfect honeymoon

Discover these five exotic destinations perfect for honeymooners — romantic places to enjoy as a couple.

The honeymoon is the perfect trip to celebrate the love of the couple after the wedding. It is an ideal time to savor the day and start the life of married people on the right foot. Perhaps because honeymoons are such a special experience, many couples choose to go to a dream destination.

We bring you five very exotic and beautiful stations if you are planning your honeymoon and need ideas … Or if you want to let your imagination fly to paradisiacal beaches, movie islands and places that seem like another world.

The Seychelles Islands

The “Islands of love,” of course. It is no secret that Seychelles is a perfect place to enjoy a most romantic honeymoon. From their romantic hotel complexes to smaller hotels specializing in stays for honeymooners, a trip to these spectacular islands is a guarantee of fun in spectacular landscapes. In addition, some of its beaches are among the best in the world. If you make your honeymoon here, it will be a truly special experience.


The Maldives archipelago is made up of 1,190 islands (including the one in the photo, heart-shaped), so you will surely find a quiet and relaxing place. The bride and groom can spend whole days on practically deserted islands in private bungalows where they can enjoy beauty treatments, spa, and body care. And if what you are waiting for is a little adventure for your honeymoon. You can always sign up for a seaplane excursion to see this myriad of islands from the sky: a pleasure for all the senses.

Bali, Indonesia

Bali is possibly one of the most exotic and incredible places in the world. It may not be a still very ideal place to go for a honeymoon, but that is not why it is less recommended. Its rich culture, its beaches, its history and its natural wealth, make it a perfect destination for newly married couples. Imagine dinner on the beach with torches while the stars shine in the sky … Perfect, right?


A day at the beach, while the turquoise blue water caresses the sand and your feet while the sun shines in the sky. The perfect plan for a romantic honeymoon. And nowhere better than Mauricio. The island is prepared to welcome newly married couples, and its catalog of activities is spectacular. For example, you can dine in front of the sea, give you relaxing massages and also make adventure excursions to enjoy the wild interior of the islands. Whatever you want! Luxury hotels and resorts offer discounts for honeymoon stays and usually include extras such as candlelight dinners and stars on the beach.


One of the cradles of rum is not only for the pirates of the Caribbean Jack Sparrow type. Barbados is so much more. It is a remarkable place to relax, and today many newlyweds retire a few days in search of tranquility to the easternmost island of the Caribbean. This paradise offers more than tropical palm trees and crystal clear white sand beaches (which too). It is a good place to take boat trips, practice all kinds of water sports, do caving, enjoy nature and local cuisine, and have fun at its festivals.

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