The most amzaing metro stations in the world

The  most amazing metro stations in the world

Installations made with stained glass, high technology, projectors with great power that combine tributes to engineer and their artistic styles, such as postmodernism, are some of the characteristics of the most beautiful metro stations in the world. 

  • Metro de Toledo art, Naples, Italy

It was opened in 2012 and the architects designed it in such a way so that those who travel there enjoy the land, water, and light under a single roof. The construction, which integrates three levels. It is 50 meters deep and has a total of 43,000 m2.

It is located next to the road that bears the same name and is in one of the most famous and important shopping streets in Naples, in southern Italy.

  • Formosa Boulevard, Kaohsiung, China

In Kaohsiung, the third most important city in China, Italian artist Narcissus Quagliata built the stained glass window Dome of Light or Dome of Light, the world’s largest building made of crystals. With a total of 30 meters in diameter and an area of ​​2,180 m2.

Quagliata named the station Wind, fire, and water. Through it, he might try to tell the life of the human being. For that reason, it is considered one of the most important public art installations.

  • U-Bahn, Munich, Germany

The Munich subway, opened in 1971 on the occasion of the 1972 Olympic Games, has eight lines and 96 stations and covering a length of 100 kilometers. Bright colors and stunning lights are some of the characteristics of two of the stations that stand out in the city:

– Munchner Freiheit illuminated by 11 Ingo Maurer lamps of 3.80 meters in diameter, projecting blue, red, and yellow lights.

  • Tunnelbana, Stockholm, Sweden

Stockholm, the capital of Sweden. It is the city with one of the most striking constant-exposure museums in Europe: its subway, in addition to its length of approximately 110 kilometers. It has 100 stations, of which 90 are decorated, painted, drawn, or designed by 150 artists. For example, T-Centralen, with its mosaics and tiles that is the busiest in the city. Kungsträdgarden, with a decoration that takes care of every detail and recreates the King’s Garden, one of the most famous parks and Stadion in the Östermalm neighborhood where you can find wooden sculptures and signage with references to the Olympic Games.

  • Arts et Metiers, Paris, France

As an extensive copper submarine, the Arts et Metiers station, on line 11 of the Paris metro, pays tribute to the work of the French writer, poet, and playwright Julio Verne. Almost like a futuristic trip on the steampunk, different paintings and objects alluding to the subject are displayed along with the platforms such as gramophones, old film cameras, a Foucault pendulum, and even a mini Statue of Liberty.

The Belgian artist Francois SchuitenIt redesigned it in 1994 and he left no area aside and even covered the trash can with copper.

  • Kievskaya Station, Moscow, Russia

One of the busiest stations of the Moscow metro is dedicated to the proximity between the Russian and Ukrainian people. The design was chosen through a competition that was held in Ukraine in which 73 proposals were submitted.

The project managers, EI Katonin, VK Skúgarev, and GE Golubev, chose low and square columns covered with white marble. Above them, there are mosaics that make the passerby feel the atmosphere of the former Soviet Union.

  • BurJuman, Dubai, United Arab Emirates

The lavish architecture that characterizes Dubai does not disappoint in metro stations. Khalid Bin Al Waleed, located below the Burjuman shopping center. It has a structure composed of glass, high technology with a 150W projector, and LED lighting.

Like a trip underwater. The engineers decorate the building with luxury marble and evoke the history of fishing and pearl diving in the city with images scattered around the station. The designer was the Czech Jitka Kamencova Skuhrava.

  • Grand Central Terminal, New York, United States

It is not only the largest train station in the world. But it is also a very vivid station since there was filmed ‘Modern Times’ by Charles Chaplin, and ‘Armageddon’ directed by Michael Bay.

Around 750,000 people pass through this terminal daily. and one of the most striking parts is its Vanderbilt Hall, a waiting room of 1,100 m2.

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