The top ten destinations for sailing

The top ten destinations for sailing

There are places where many sea lovers want to visit sailing. Today, we want to talk about the ten best destinations for sailing. They are ideal places for boating due to its climate and the quality of its waters.


 It is a Mediterranean country with its great historical appeal (Greeks, Romans, Venetians …) and also with more than a thousand islands, many of them uninhabited with many virgin areas and natural parks. Mainly it has two times to sail, in summer with little wind and a lot of calm sea between islands, with its breeze regime.

The other era with tougher weather with the coldest bora (NW wind) but with much less tourism and spectacular nature.

It is worth noting the Kornati national park, the Krk waterfalls, which we can navigate to, the Trogir and Split area, the islands of Hvar, Mljet, Korcula, and of course, Dubrovnik.


 It is a paradise for those who like to navigate. For its history, the tranquility and Mediterranean flavor of its many islands.

There are four distinct zones for shipping; one corresponds to the islands of the Ionian Sea. Another area of ​​the Peloponnese and another would correspond to those of the Aegean Sea with the Cyclades islands to the south and the Sporades to the north. Each area has its characteristics, weather, vegetation, and orography, although all with small ports even free, which allow you to enjoy its cuisine, own culture and friendliness of its people or swim in deserted coves all year.


 It is one of the exotic destinations in the world. Indeed, it consists of solitary bays and extraordinary mountains with lush jungle vegetation touching the sea … It is a heavenly place to dive or swim in clean waters.


 It is a dream destination to sail, known for its great sailing sailors. Its islands are sensational, and its marine depths are full of great biological variety, with many species of dolphins and whales.


They are an archipelago of the Antilles. It is an overseas area in the UK. Every year, they attract thousands of sailing addicts since you can enjoy exceptional conditions, because the sea is calm in the lee of all the islands of the archipelago, with trade winds and warm weather that prevail throughout the year.


This archipelago is located in the Indian Ocean and is known for its beaches and turquoise waters. In addition, there are splendid dive sites. It is one of the top beautiful sites on Earth to navigate.


Sailing is an incredible way to visit Polynesia, including Tahiti. With its transparent blue water, it is as if it were a maritime paradise. The volcanic origin makes coral formations thrive, and its clean and crystalline waters are full of life, ideal for diving.


The waters of the Great Barrier Reef maybe some of the most incredible in the world. Boating, below a cloudless sky, allows knowing the pleasure of diving from the deck of a sailboat in sublime waves to explore the underwater world is incomparable.


They are an archipelago located in the Indian Ocean. It is one of the most attractive sailing destinations in the world, and people from all places will spend their holidays sailing and enjoy the crystal clear waters. Another reason why this nautical station is so popular is that you can navigate Seychelles all year.


They are considered “the Jewels of the Mediterranean” thanks to their great natural wealth. No doubt, there is a diversity of landscapes full of beauty, the beaches with clear waters, its hidden coves, and its immense sunsets make it a difficult paradise to forget. The weather conditions of this island are ideal for bosting.

Now is the time to choose one of the ten best destinations in the world for the next vacation, choose a candle, and get ready to live an unforgettable experience.

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