These are the most beautiful countries to visit.

These are the most beautiful countries to visit.

10. Wales

The imposing landscapes of Wales host a host of fantastic stories that have kept medieval legends alive until today. It is known as the land of dragons by its flag.

9. United States 

The land of blues, Buffalo wings, Hollywood, and Michael Jackson, has 50 states of unique natural beauty. Miami and New York are two of its most visited cities.

8. Iceland

The population of Iceland does not exceed 350,000 inhabitants; there is not a single McDonalds in its streets and has a spectacle of northern lights throughout the year. The perfect destination for those looking to isolate themselves from everything.

7. England

The English territory is characterized not only by its natural landscapes such as the Lake District Hawkshead National Park in Cumbria. But also by its treasures of popular culture such as Abbey Road in London, where The Beatles recorded one of their most famous albums that bears that same name.

6. Indonesia

In addition to the supremacy of Bali and its 10,000 temples, in Indonesia, there are wild territories with an invaluable natural wealth. A sample of this is the jungles of Sumatra or the Togian Islands.

5. South Africa

While each of the three capitals of South Africa: Cape Town, Pretoria and Bloemfontein; They have an unforgettable charm, the rest of their territory is not far behind. Famous for its cultural and natural diversity, all of South Africa is home to invaluable treasures such as the Blyde River and the Three Rondavels.

4. Italy

Touring beautiful Italy is similar to taking a brief trip to the beginning of human civilizations. Small historical treasures such as the Colosseum in Rome or the Ponte Vecchio in Florence are hidden in each of its cities.

3. New Zealand

New Zealand is a country with unique and imposing landscapes, perfect for adventure lovers. Proof of this is the countless stations for bungee jumping and rafting.

2. Canada

The second biggest country in the world has an incredible ethnic diversity, which prides itself on the customs of its aboriginal peoples. One of its best-preserved natural wonders is Temple Mountain in Alberta.

1. Scotland

The country of castles tops this list. The incredible natural landscapes of bright colors and mysterious animals, adorned by the ancient and incredible Scottish architecture that remains intact despite the passage of time, are the main charm of this country. Whiskey, kilt, and football in Glasgow, among many other charming aspects, make Scotland the most beautiful destination in the world.

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