Tips for traveling for the first time only

Tips for traveling for the first time only

Traveling alone, that which has always been around your mind and that so far, you have not dared to do. Is time! And a perfect moment because others have done it before you and you can find their experiences all over the Internet.

Dedicating a vacation only to you is an opportunity to get to know other cultures and other places more intensely. The involvement with the place is more powerful and so is with its people.

In this sense, it is not only about traveling without a company but about how to travel. It is not the same to travel to hotels with everything organized than to do it backpacking and improvise the steps depending on how interesting we think we see.

Although both options may be fine, it is true that orienting your trip to the backpacking will give you a greater and more enriching experience, since you will have to put more of your part and get more involved in the whole process to enjoy the holidays. Hop up!

Helpful tips

Find out about the most dangerous or problematic places: 

There are many other destinations that you can see before these and take experiences that later give you the courage and knowledge to do it later.

Look for the experience of others who have done it before: 

There are numerous travel forums that advise destinations and on which they make true guides which professional agency. Where to eat, where to bed down, what to see …

Take the right and necessary:

 Always choose light and versatile clothing, which gives you several options and is comfortable and easy to transport. Do not the sin of the “just in case”, you will only be charged more luggage and once at the destination, you can buy something if you really need it.

Be organized: 

Organize what you want to do on the trip according to your priorities. You may prefer to enjoy more of the landscapes, or of historical monuments, or of gastronomy …

Don’t be afraid to ask: 

This is something we have stopped doing with the arrival of smartphones. Many times it is good to save it so as not to disturb, but other times it can open the door to new destinations or people, enriching our adventure even more. And if we go on backpackers, do not ask and look at the mobile instead, it is a crime. We will always know more interesting things on our trip asking its inhabitants.

Get out of your comfort zone: 

If you are traveling it is only because you have the courage to do so. So, practically, you are already outside your comfort zone. You will be in a new destination managing yourself, so take advantage of this has been given to continue exploring. There will be more complicated days than others, but that’s what the experience is about.

Attentive to where you leave things: 

As you are traveling alone, always keep in mind what you are carrying and where you leave it. You will not have anyone to watch over you where you leave your things when you go to the bathroom or at the table while talking to the waiter. You are responsible for your belongings and nobody will answer something you lose or forget.

Keep calm and have a lot of patience:

 Every day you will be assaulted by new thoughts and experiences that may make you wobble, but it is part of the magic that surrounds us when traveling alone. As the days go by you will draw strength even when you think you don’t have them.

Go periodically telling your family or friends where you are: 

If you are going to travel to many different destinations, it is important that you keep several people informed that they can find you soon if something happens to you. It will not cost you anything to send a WhatsApp and even a geolocation every time you move.

Avoid hitchhiking: 

When you need to move from one place to another, always do it through public transport in the area or rent your own vehicle. Do not put the experience at risk by asking strangers to take you long distances. And if you finally have to do it, send a family member the type of car, the license plate and the destination you are going to go with the driver (without knowing it).

Accommodation in right places: 

Hostels, hostels and bed, and breakfast are great options not only for sleeping but also for meeting people who are living the same adventure. Try to nurture the common areas of these places to meet them and exchange experiences.

Essential in the backpack

Smartphone, charger, and external battery: 

Even if you want to disconnect on your vacation you have to carry this for two reasons, security and … to take pictures!

ID, passport, and health card: 

Whether you go abroad or not, you should always carry your documentation on top.


You should not run out of it, but calculate not to carry large amounts on it. Depending on the destination, plan where you can get more. Carrying money in a fanny pack can be safer to possible theft or carelessness.

Micro-fiber towel: 

It does not weigh, it hardly occupies space and dries fast.

Thermal garment: 

Yes or yes, even if the destination is sunny and hot, do not forget to wear a breathable and waterproof garment (also to waterproof the backpack) for what may happen. Remember that going cold is not in your plans.

Inflatable mat with a fan: 

Did you think about it? Depending on the type of destination you have chosen, sleeping on a mattress may not be an option. An air mattress and an inflator small can save you more than a pinch.

Happy adventure!

And if you still have some fear, think that right now there is someone who is already traveling alone. 

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