Tips to survive in the jungle

Tips to survive in the jungle

Getting lost in the jungle without food or water is one of the many situations in which travelers and backpackers would never want to be involved in their journeys through deep Peru. So before leaving on your next adventure, always try to travel with a local guide. Also remember where you’re going, mentally note gorges, rivers, treetops. Disorientation is common in unknown places.

But suppose that despite everything indicated above, you have the bad luck of getting lost along the way. Quiet, the terrible thing you can do is panic. Gregorio Cornejo, a tour guide with more than 25 years of experience in the field and two recruitments in the Peruvian Army, recommends following these five simple steps and not die trying. Take note.

Look for a creek; the creek will lead you to a river and the river to a nearby community. Photo: Gunther Felix.

Do not cut a path

With the experience leftover, Gregorio says for sure that one of the reasons why so many people get lost in the forest is due to shortcuts. According to the veteran, shortening a route along unknown paths could lead to disorientation. It is preferable to continue along the corridors and circuits that have signaling.

Search a creek

In case you are lost in the middle of trees and muddy lands, try to find a creek. This small water fountain will take you to a river and the river to a community. Remember that homes are almost always close to springs, waterfalls, or some other water source.

Mount food

If you ever watched some of the “Approve All” programs on Discovery, then it will not be uncommon for you to eat anything that moves to survive in the bush. Even if you are not an expert in the field, you can be certain that you will always find a termite mound (termite nest) in every kilometer. This colony is rich in proteins, acid grades, and other micronutrients. 

Sip by sip

Another common mistake that every first-time traveler makes is to have large drinks of water. If you have a bottle with water, drink sip by sip. Not only will this save you, but it will also prevent you from getting colic during the walk. Another alternative to be hydrated is to drink the liquid from the leaves of the plants.

Natural shelter

It is not new that from one moment to another, a heavy downpour falls in the central jungle, north, and south of Peru. But exposing yourself for a long time in the rain could lead to freezing or in the worst case, hypothermia. So look for shelter under the fins of trees or a cave. Protect yourself until the shower passes, or the intensity of the flood decreases. If you can make a fire to warm yourself and keep predators away.

Above all, in addition to all these tips, you never travel at night, no matter how much you have a flashlight or a certain percentage of visibility, keep in mind that most predators, snakes and other dangerous animals go hunting at night.

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