Traveling on cruises, ten reasons why they are the best option

Traveling on cruises, ten reasons why they are the best option

Today I would like to share what are the reasons that make me return again and again to a cruise ship. To feel a great emotion every time when traveling on cruises. I hope to convey this feeling to all those who have not yet experienced this sensation and who once tried to get you hooked.

 1 .- Visit many destinations. Undo the suitcase once.

When traveling on cruises you only have to unpack your luggage once, and let your floating hotel take you to the different destinations. It will take you from city to city, from port to port, and will avoid the lost times of airports, transport to hotels, checking … All this time you spend resting and enjoying your vacations. Is there a better feeling to wake up every morning in a different place without unpacking?

 2 .- Boats of all sizes and for all holiday styles.

Each traveler is unique in its kind, and each type of vacation depends on the type of traveler. There are so many styles, sizes, and classes of cruises that you will always find a boat tailored to the traveler. There will be who prefers the big ships with a multitude of activities on board, theaters, countless restaurants, while others will choose smaller boats that prioritize the itinerary, expeditions to hidden places, with fewer passengers. From cruise ships that are clippers under sail, to mega cruises, you always find one that suits you.

 3 .- They are easy to prepare.

Once you choose your boat, itinerary, and cabin, you have nothing else to prepare. Just transport them to the port. And if you fancy the excursions in each place of call. You take away the stress of conventional vacations such as squaring flights with hotels, transportation, reservations … Onboard the difficult thing will be to choose from the multitude of activities designed to enjoy your cruise experience.

 4 .- People from all over the world are known

This is one of my main reasons. If you like to meet people from all corners of the world, traveling on cruises gives you the opportunity to make lots of friends. Even before boarding, on different websites and cruise ship forums. Onboard a cruise ship you will meet a multitude of people, whether at your dinner table, the different parties, in the pool, on the excursion. I thank cruise trips for being able to meet unique people and find true friends from the most remote places on the planet. You never know who you have sitting next to you at the dinner table and that’s fascinating.

 5 .- You travel more, enjoy more, pay less.

Traveling on cruises offers great value when preparing our vacations because almost all expenses are included and limited before starting the trip. Food, accommodation, entertainment, shows .. If you calculate the cost per person per day between a normal vacation and a cruise the result is surprising. You can get to find cruise deals in which the cost per person and day does not reach 30 euros. Many times it is cheaper than staying at home. And in many shipping companies traveling with children is free, and discounts for the third person. Is it possible to find prices like this on a trip with a hotel, meals, fun, and traveling with your children?  

6 .- They are perfect for family travel.

From children to teenagers, grandparents, grandchildren, cruises are fun for all family members of all ages. On cruise ships, we find activities for all age ranges, with children’s clubs, for teenagers … of crafts, sports … What father does not like a trip where his children can play with recreational machines, swimming pools, and at the same time to spend time together at dinner or on an excursion? Also in many of them, we find free children’s offers when we hire our trip.

 7 .- A great offer of activities.

Current ships are designed to try to make all passengers happy. You can be in a relaxing massage at the Spa, while your partner plays in the casino. Or sunbathing while reading your favorite book by the pool and your children play basketball. You can go to cultural talks of all kinds, participate in cooking courses, learn computer science or dance tangos, learn a new language, relax doing yoga. Enjoy sushi on the high seas, watch a movie in the cinema or under the stars, enjoy a musical in the theater … or just do nothing and enjoy the relaxed sea navigation.

 8 .- A cruise is a floating city.

If you feel uneasy about being in a shell in the middle of the ocean, nothing is further from reality. The current cruise ships are the big floating city with everything you might need onboard. From Wifi, satellite TV, shops of all kinds, florist, beauty salon, hospital, gyms, spa, cinemas, theater, discos, restaurants, cafes, swimming pools, church … Everything that a city can offer you have it on a boat cruise.

 9 .- You can design an exotic and different vacation.

Since I started traveling on cruise ships around the world, it has been too small for me. I have no limit to discover new continents and countries. From the exoticism of Asia, the mystery of the Middle East, distant Australia, or surprising Polynesia, currently the cruises reach every corner of the world. A cruise is one of the outstanding ways to visit exotic destinations and the easiest way. There are itineraries for all tastes that fall in the most tourist cities in the world by the 7 seas. Many times I have used the days that a ship has stayed in a city to fly to another point in a country and get to know new cities or inland tourist spots, that’s how I visited Angkor Vat in Cambodia. If you know the cruise seasons you can make exotic cruises without spending a fortune.

 10 .- Very safe trips.

At present, insecurity and crime are linked to tourism as tourists are seen as bearers of money without many facilities to defend themselves when they visit other countries. Cruise trips are one of the safest options to visit other countries. The shipping companies spend a great deal of money and effort in preserving this security in their cruises of all their passengers.

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