What kind of boat to rent? The best to enjoy a day at sea

What kind of boat to rent? The best to enjoy a day at sea

Do you want to spend a day on the water? Amazing! This guide is for you. There is nothing like freedom and relaxation that boating offers. Something about moving away from the earth accelerates the shedding of worries and the commitment of the mainland. As quickly as you move away from the dock, you will feel the tension evaporate.

There are various types of boats as there are ways to enjoy life in the water. Each year, ships appear to be more specialized, built to optimize specific activities. This guide will help you think about how you want to spend the day and classify the options to make sure you hire the right boat for your day trip.

Generally, day boating is classified into five categories: Fishing, water sports, runabouts, deck boats (also known as party boats), and day sailboats.


The rental of a boat is a very economical option and does not have to mean pure luxury. We are talking about a smaller vessel that is driven by an internal combustion engine that moves the propellers, and that allows their propulsion and great mobility.

In them, you can find all kinds of amenities and great equipment, such as stereo, VHF radio, bathing ladder, solarium, freshwater shower, and complimentary drinks, so you do not miss anything

Types of Fishing Boats

Bass boat

Bass fishing boats are structured to be platforms for launching and landing their fish. They are flat on the top, and you may stand and sit while casting. It is low to the water and normally powered by a large outboard motor to make trips between fishing locations as quickly as possible. These boats typically have a fish box that you can open with your feet to keep your reward, as well as a trolling engine that you can steer with your feet to maneuver while you are fishing.


A tall fishing boat that is rather a skiff-small and underwater. They are as basic as you can get – a bench seat to sit on and some storage space for rigging and equipment. Pangas often do not have canvas shadow structures because they prevent the movement of the cane, so you will be in the sun during the whole trip.

Sport fisherman

A cruise with a cockpit for fishing and a flying bridge (elevated helm area) that offers the captain an excellent view of the fishing area. Sport fishers normally have a cabin with a head (bath), kitchen (kitchen), and sitting area to take a break from the action.

Water sports boats

Ski boat

Water ski boats are optimized to a) remove a skier from the water, which requires considerable power, and b) create a minimal wake to make it easier for the skier to cut steep curves and whip the other side of the boat without much disturbance of the wake of the ship. Ski boats generally have an engine in the center of the bathtub area, which can make moving around the boat a bit awkward. The central engine balances the weight of the boat to minimize the size of its wake.

Wake boat

Wake Boats are designed to maximize the wake of the boat so that wakeboarders can dazzle you with their stunts. The engine is usually at the stern (rear) of the boat for that purpose – the weight makes a larger wake. Also, many wakeboard boats have ballast bladders – large vinyl tanks that can be filled with water and drained at the push of a button to add weight and increase the size of the wake.

Surf boat

A surf boat, similar to the wake boat, is formulated for a very large wake and is set up to create a large wake on the side of the boat. Surfing the wake is like surfing a sea wave that never breaks and never ends. Depending on the orientation of the surfer (on which side of the boat they will surf), the weight of the boat requires to be changed to the appropriate side of the boat using bladders and passengers as ballast.

These boats also have two adjustment tabs that adjust to managing the boat’s “trim” or the angle with the water to make the wake larger on one side of the ship. The ship travels very slowly to create a wave as large as possible. The surfer gets up while clinging to a short tow rope, and once he or she is propelled by the wake alone, throws the tow rope on the boat and surfs away.

Runabout boats

Its standard mini-shuttle is versatile. Yes, you can ski, fish, or wakeboard behind it (better not try surfing), but it wouldn’t be ideal for any of those purposes. These boats are basically used for transportation and socialization. They can have an open bow with seats for 2 to 4 adults in front of the helm, or a closed bow with only one helm and a seating area behind. In both cases, the rudder and the seating area have a “bimini” canvas awning to protect from the sun. Most have built-in refrigerators and many cup holders to enjoy your favorite beverage. The engine options may be outboard or interior/exterior, where the engine is inside the boat, but a large outboard engine is used at the stern (rear) to propel and maneuver the boat.

Deck boats (also known as Party Boats)

Deck boats are used to be little more than a platform on pontoons, with a rudder and an outboard motor. The point is to provide a cover for socializing, hence the nickname “boat party.” Today, deck boats can be fooled with high-performance engines, heads (bathrooms), sound systems, plush furniture, refrigerators, sinks, and barbecues. They are optimized for a water party.

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