What to see in Malaysia

What to see in Malaysia

Malaysia is a fascinating country with such incredible diversity that it can make all types of travelers who are adventurous lovers. It has impressive cities, lots of jungle, mountains, paradisiacal beaches and history.

Some of the most recommended stations to visit in Malaysia are:

Kuala Lumpur

Not only the Capital of Malaysia but also a multicultural city. Kuala Lumpur is the gateway for many travelers. The Petronas Towers are the symbol of the metropolis. Still, it has many worthwhile attractions mosques (we especially recommend visiting Masjid Wilayah), parks, Hindu temples, and lots of food.

If you like big cities, Kuala Lumpur will not disappoint you; it has a unique visual appeal that makes it unmissable.


Located south of Kuala Lumpur. Melaka is a city that has an interesting peculiarity. It was colonized by British, Dutch, and Portuguese. That past is seen in the streets and many buildings, from Catholic churches (a curiosity in a Muslim country) to ruins of ancient forts.

It has a beautiful walk along the river, which you will want to visit every day you are in the city. In addition, there are many works of street art that will surprise you and want more (stay calm, you’ll have more!)

George town

It is the most tourist city in the country, and it makes a lot of sense. On the one hand, George Town is the gastronomic capital of Malaysia, and there you will find typical Malaysian dishes, but also Chinese and Indian. On the other hand, street art in this place has become one of the icons of the Internet and social networks.

It is a city in which western tourist usually feels very comfortable because our presence is very naturalized. If you want to adapt slowly, this is a destination you can visit.

Cameron Highlands

When you are traveling through a country like Malaysia, where the temperature hardly falls below 30 degrees. A luxury you can give yourself is to go to Cameron Highlands. An area located at 1500 meters high and with an average temperature of 20 degrees.

The location and climate make the place conducive to developing tea plantations (especially) but also of strawberry. In Cameron Highlands, you can do several free trekkings, and it is also a classic to visit some of the tea plantations that are in the area that will give you incredible landscapes to enjoy your visit even more.

A curiosity: tours are organized here to go in search of the “Rafflesia,” the largest carnivorous flower in the world.

Taman Negara

Did you know that the oldest jungle in the world is in Malaysia? Yes, to Taman Negara, you can make several excursions according to the desire you have to explore the jungle with the native fauna and flora. There are some of several days where to spend the night in caves sleeping with bats!

Malaysian Beaches

Malaysia has several of the best beaches in all of Southeast Asia. Much less promoted than those of neighboring Thailand, but just as interesting (or more). We tell you which are the best to visit:

Palau Tioman

Palau Tioman is located in the south of the country. Palau Tioman beach is a favorite of Singaporeans because of its proximity and having an airport that facilitates the connection. It is an island with very calm beaches unless you go in July and August (holiday time in Singapore).


The Perhentian Islands are surely the best known in all of Malaysia. There are two islands: Kecil (which means small island) where the most backpacking and the party atmosphere is found and Besar (large island) where families and couples mostly visit it. It is quieter and prices somewhat higher.

The reality is that no matter which of the two visits, you enjoy white sands and a transparent sea. And it is always good to do a little snorkeling to marvel at all underwater life.

Palau Kapas

Kapas is the jewel of Malaysia. It has a very chill atmosphere and some mysticism: it cannot be booked in advance, and the accommodations do not have Wi-Fi. Unlike other islands in Southeast Asia, the beaches are reasonably clean, and there is a relatively widespread awareness of the environment.

The beaches are simply beautiful: the sea is turquoise and transparent. Snorkeling near the shore, you can swim with turtles — safety pin.


Although Langkawi does not stand out for its beaches, it does it on the other hand. It is an island prepared for adventure and with nature. A lot of jungle, mountains and tea plantations, make your visit to this island not only stay on the beach. There are also organized trekkings, you can do the zip line, ride a cable car, and visit a waterfall.

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