Why travel to Nepal?

Why travel to Nepal?

There are many people who think about traveling to Nepal, but they regret how far the country is, also because of the different languages and the differences in culture. But, if we can really think these limitations are compelling reasons to go there.

If you want to get your side more adventurous and do not want to have a traditional vacation, such as those you have had in previous years. The idea is that you think of Nepal as a place where you can live an adventure and the best of all is that you can do it without spending huge amounts of money.

There are many reasons why you should be encouraged to go to Nepal and here we will talk about them so you can decide.

Say yes to travel to Nepal

  • Economical Travelling:

The first reason that we are going to present to you and that without hesitation can provide you that additional boost you need to go to Nepal is to know that traveling there is really economical. In different cities like Kathmandu, you can spend a full day (with lodging, transportation, and meals) with a little less than 20 dollars. What’s more, there are places that are so cheap that for about $ 200 you can spend a whole month and if you have about $ 300 then you can be at the same time as a king. Keep in mind that a full meal in a cheap restaurant does not exceed 2 dollars and public transport is only a few cents.

  • Climate:

On the other hand, when traveling to Nepal you can find different climates and especially very beautiful and varied landscapes. Keep in mind that in Nepal you will find a mountainous area, a lowland area and clearly there are also its valleys.

The lowlands have the warmest climate. The mountains allow us to go towards the snow and the valleys lead us to a colder climate. Of course, throughout the country, you can find and enjoy nature.

  • Friendly People:

Now, the culture and cuisines are very rich and in general, the people there are very friendly. The inhabitants of this country are nice, respectful people, and they also lead a lifestyle that is very different from ours. Surely from them, you can learn a lot.

  • Affected Communities:

Now, we cannot forget that in 2015 the country experienced a great disaster. The earthquake of April 25, in which many places were destroyed and many people died. If this earthquake puts you in doubt to visit this country you should know that when you go there you have the great opportunity to help others. You can, for example, help by volunteering at orphanages or within the most affected communities.

  • Wonderful Country:

Finally, and although there are many more reasons to travel to Nepal, you must bear in mind that by going there you are contributing to the development of this wonderful country.

Keep in mind all these reasons and decide to travel to this country, where you can live one of the most amazing events of your life.

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